Best symphony recordings

Two of my most favorite symphonies are Beethoven Symphony No. 5 and Dvorak symphony No. 9. However, the CD's I owned are not very good. I would like to ask for recommendations for their best recordings, including performance and sonic. Anybody experienced JVC's XRCD version?
I think you will find that one of the best performances of the Beethoven 5th ever is the Vienna Philharmonic, conducted by Carlos Kleiber on Deutsche Grammophon. It is sonically about average with most CDs, but the performance is overwhelming and a must own. It comes with a very fine Beethoven No. 7 as a bonus.

My favorite Dvorak No. 9 is George Solti, conducting the Chicago Symphony on the London/Decca label. A very commanding reading, and a good engineering job as well.

I second both nominations.

In general, if you are shooting in the dark you can't go too far wrong with Solti/Chicago provided that you like the distinctive sound that he produced there--forward brasses, lots of emphasis on low sonorities, brisk tempos, and a steadfast resistance to schmaltz. Once in a while he fired for effect (exaggerated dynamics, mostly) but generally the CSO played quite competently under his baton and his musical taste was impeccable, if tending to the dramatic. He was quite a tyrant for precision playing; you won't hear wrong notes in the third horns or the annoying "shimmer" of imprecise bowing. Highly recommended, especially if you're into German Romanticism.

Oops, didn't mean to turn this into a tribute to the man.

I will agree with the above poster on the Beethoven recordings. They are the best in terms of the performance.
There is simply no SUBSTITUTE.
I would like to add that it is available on "The Originals" series by DG # 447 400-2GOR.

As far as Dvorak Symphony 9 goes, there are few excellent choices. The most well known I suppose is on London/Decca with maestro Kertesz grand performance and high-quality sound perhaps best all around. Another great one is
Kurt Masur on Apex #8573-89085-2 (could be hard to find). However, my favorite is on Chesky CD #31 (most under appreciated) with Jascha Horenstein, just awesome performance and big, airy sound. No adjective could be wasted in trying to capture, in words this music.

There are few NEW releases by JVC XRCD and from my previous experience, I believe that they are SUPERB. I will be getting them in near future.

I hope that it helps, enjoy it
I agree with Sugarbrie's suggestions, particularly as to the Beethoven. On the Dvorak, two other suggestions--the old Kertesz recording on London/Decca, my favorite interpretation and a good recording (should be available on CD, and definitely has been reissued on vinyl), and the recent Macaal/New Jersey Symphony recording on Delos, coupled with an excellent Dvorak Requiem and terrific sonics (captures the sound of the NJSO in the New Jersey Performing Arts Center very well).
There are two Kertesz recordings of the Dvorak; one is around 1961, the other about 1967. RcPrince: Confirm that the 1967 recording is the one to check out, which is my understanding.
I'll have to check my records when I get home tonight, but the 67's the one I was thinking of. The vinyl reissue may be the '61 recording.
Dvorak's 9th is best performed by Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Nikolaus Harnoncourt on Teldec. Bethoven's 5th by Berlin Philharmonic Herbert von Karajan. If you want good sound, get the new issue of Beethoven's symphony cycle on DEUTSCHE GRAMMOPHON.
Critics and listeners in general have praised the Kleiber recording of LvB's 5 on DG. I found it almost unlistenable. Sonically, it sucks. Performance is frantic. I have Kurt Masur on Philips and believe it to be better proportioned, if that's the right word. It just sounds more like what an early romantic might have wanted to hear, and the 70's recording simply glows. Dvorak 9 is a lovely piece, especially as performed by Fritz Reiner on RCA. The XRCDII is probably even more beautiful, as these CD's are works of art in themselves. If only all CD's were produced with such care! You must also check out Dvorak symphonies 7 & 8. I suggest Mercury Living Presence, conducted by Antal Dorati. Performance is totally invigorating at times, heart breakingly tender at others.
As far as Madisonears comment on the Kleiber, if he is referring to the "DG Originals" release, I agree somewhat. I don't like the sonics of many of those CDs. I have an earlier CD release of that 5th, and have it on LP.

There is a recording of the 5th by Ben Zander that has a bonus CD where he gives a lecture on the music and Beethoven. An interesting listen.

Thank you, guys. Great responses. I'll look into these recordings. Could you also give some advise on Beethoven's Symphony No. 9?