Best surround speakers w/Vandersteen 2c & vcc1

Looking for best surround speakers for my home theatre. Own Vandersteen 2C and VCC1 center channel. Vandersteen surround speakers seem pricey. Are there any alternates?
My HT system has Vandy 3A Signatures with a VCC-1 Signature center channel, but for various reasons (mostly wall space problems) I chose not to use the Vandy surround speakers. After trying several types of surround speakers -- different brands, both dipole vs. direct-radiating -- I bought a used pair of M&K SS-150 THX tripole surrounds for about $500. I think they are an excellent match, both tonally and in their dispersion pattern, with the Vandy speakers. M&K has several models that are cheaper than the SS-150's, but if you can find the SS-150's for sale on Audiogon (there was a pair listed last week), and your budget is sufficient, I recommend these speakers as a good alternative to the Vandy VSM-1's.
I use a pair of B&W 302DM in the rears; while I'm very particular about music, the 302's do a great job in my room for HT. And the cost was right. I admit to have been thinking about a pair of Vandy 1C's (used). But right now I'm happy...and the money might be better used on a center upgrade. Speaking of which...

Sd, did you compare the VCC-1 sig with the standard VCC-1? Worth the upgrade? Any thoughts on the VCC-5?


-- Greg
Hi, Greg:

I originally owned the regular VCC-1, but had it upgraded to the Signature version. In my opinion, this was a rare situation with Vandy speakers where the upgrade was not worth the extra cost ($500 -- which doubles the price of the VCC-1). My advice is to stick with the VCC-1 and spend the other $500 on upgrading to the 2Ce Sig or the 3A Sig.

I have not heard the VCC-5, only read about it. My impression is that the VCC-5 is intended, and best suited, to use in a large room, where there is a wide spread between the two main speakers. The VCC-5 is $2000, which makes it a pretty pricy center channel. It does, however, have a bigger, more sophisticated enclosure than the VCC-1, and has 3 drivers (versus 1 in the VCC-1).

Thanks. I already have the 3A, I'll hold off. I'm still trying to get my 3A's to disappear, but unfortunately, I'm not sure why I can't get them to image as well as some have written about (maybe my transport being a sony s7000). I thought they were great until I heard the silverline sonatinas at a friends. It's almost as if the tweeter output has better dispersion than the midrange driver (dome vs. cone)...whereas the sonatinas are both domes. All cables and other far as I can tell...are NOT weak links...including A/C outlets to polycrystal rack to I/C's and DACT passive attenuator.

As for the price of the VCC-5's...yeah, that seems high - I can't understand why they're 2g's. I have heard one other person state they are fantastic - that person claimed to hear things not heard though the VCC-1 (not sure if sig).


-- Greg