Best surround speakers for music?

Need help finding wall mountable(not deep) surround speakers for a fairly high end HT setup that will be music oriented. So far Sonus Faber Auditor Elipsa'a and Revel S30's are on the list. I would not be seeking dipole usage. Unfortunately the front speakers will not be matching the rear speakers but they sure are good(Kharma). Any other ideas for high resolution without coloration? The Sonus may be too soft in my case. Any ideas will be appreciated.
I have a surrond and you have to make sure that each speaker goes down to at least 30 hz all mine go to 25 hz because each DVD is mixed different so you end up lossing information
I used six Totem Winds and still it didn't get it all
Diania Krall in on DVD the piano is in the rear speakers and the guitar is on the side and her voice and drums are center
Bass management? Subwoofer?
Krell sub. Bass mgt from a Krell S1200 processor.
Good but I was addressing Robertbrown.
You dont need all surround speakers to go down to 30hz or below as your bass mgmt will take care of that and information that low and in surrounds will be non directional. Its just not practical for many to match all speakers or get speakers that size be it budget, space, waf or whatever. You should no doubt look in same line of speakers to find a surround solution or at minimum pay close attention to drivers and select speakers as similar as possible. You wouldnt want to mate a ribbon tweeter with a metal dome for example.
The Gallo Reference AV speakers are *very* good. And, using the wall as a backplane they are pretty flat down to about 45Hz. Your surrounds do NOT need to have low bass output, a good subwoofer will handle this quite well.
Small Totems are killers.
I run a pair of usher rw 729's and have been very happy with their performance;I would also think Schubert's suggestion has merit as well.
This may seem odd, but I use ERA D4's for surround. They come with a mounting bracket, take up very little space and can handle a lot of power. Probably not the most revealing speaker out there, but for surround I think they are great. FYI, Linn Katan/Trikan across the front.
Well I do high end ht and I alwas like the speakers to match but if that is not possible then get something close. Out of the blue the best one I like are vandersteen vsm's. They disappear into the room and the sound is very musical. Stay away from any of these dipole things for music. It is important the speakers disappear into the room but yet be focused.
Above is right the sub will handel the base getting a small speaker to go that low is just trouble.