Best surround processor for $1500 or less

I am building a system and am looking for a surround processor for 1500 or less. I have some good amps for the power and would also like HDMI 1.3. Not easy right.
The only choices now are the Onkyo or Integra. Soon, the Outlaw and Emotiva will join the list.

Meridian 568.2MM
Kal mentioned Emotiva. The UMC-1 that they are about to release is going to embarrass quite a few high-end processors. Check out this link, and be sure to scroll to the bottom to see just how much processor you can buy for $699 - whoa!

Yes, if anyone gets there hot little hands on one of these Emotiva UMC-1 and amp combo's, please do the rest of the audiogon community a favor and let us all know your impressions of the stuff!
I mean with as good as there products Look, and for what they're offering for the price, to me it looks like the company is offering somewhat of a charity service - Which then it is good to be us!!!
Anyone know more of the details here? Cause me no like receivers so much, and I'm surely interested, me sef...
I'll spend my hard earned green on the Emotiva...price:features ratio is second to none plus 30 days free trial.