Best surround processor $2-2.5K used ????

I am planning to purchase McIntosh MC205 as the power amp (used). I already have B&W 804 (front L & R) and HTM2 (center)

What is the best surround processor I can get for in between $2K to $2.5K (used) that can, hopefully, play HDMI and all the latest THX, etc?

Than you!
None in my opinion! I've read all the reviews and they coincide with my experience with the NAD T175 -- there simply isn't an HDMI processor on the market that I know of without any problems (popping noises, hdmi handshake, etc.). Bet best is to pick up a used Onkyo Integra DTC-9.8 for about $800, and wait for something like the NAD M15HD to start showing up on the used market. I personally just bought a NAD M15 and am going to use analog outputs.

Maybe some people could tolerate operational quirks better than I can...
Pick up the Mcintosh MX132 used on Audiogon now, Get a HDMI switcher..Run the Audio thru good audio cables.

Great Price Fix.
Ther's an MX 134 and MX 135 available used now also
I am on my second hdmi rec. My first was the Onkyo 875. It ran HOT,HOT. but who could complain about doing hot dogs and marshmallows in your living room.? It failed within 4 months.---BUT,before its demise it sounded great for sure. Then I bought the Denon 4308ci. It has had no problems of any nature. I honestly think the Onkyo sounded more dynamic but reliability counts too. I use my main front amp for the fronts.--They all have pre-outs.---Re. the "handshake" or other issues---I have experienced NONE.-----BUT--- I wouldn't buy a used one. The differences between a rec. with an outboard amp and a processor aren't as huge as one might think. Not to mention the extra amps/wires and clutter.
Sure; I understand those that want the best wouldn't want my solution.
Thank you all.

How does a HDMI switcher work? I also heard of a HDMI card. Are they the same as a switcher?
Onkyo Integra DTC-9.8, of 9.9. It does not get any better then this as a good value. No need to go above $1K.
Unless you are planning to use HDMI for the passing of hi-rez audio signals I wouldn't worry about purchasing a pre/pro with HDMI switching. If the desire for HDMI is for video use you don't need it in your processor, just hook any video source component directly to your monitor, which is what you should do anyway for optimal picture quality. If you want multi-channel hi-rez music playback the majority of today's better universal players have excellent bass management capabilities. All you have to do is utilize the multi-channel analogue outputs of the universal player in conjunction with the multi-channel analogue inputs on the pre/pro. The biggest disadvantage of this hook up scheme is the need for three pairs of analogue interconnects. If you go this route, high end pre/pro's from the likes of Krell,Parasound Halo, EAD, and Classe can be had for mere pennies on the dollar and these units will provide superb sound quality in comparison to even modern HT receivers with an HDMI connection for hi-rez music or two channel CD playback.
Thank you all.

Rcrerar - Very helpful comment! Thank you.

What do the experts think of McIntosh MX-134 or 135? There price seems to fallen on significantly in the used mkt since they don't have HDMI input. Will I be generally foolproofed for MOST of foreseeable technological advances (if I don't need HDMI, etc)?

I would be interested in matching them with McIntosh MC205.

Thank you.