'best' surge protection?

any thoughts on comparisions between SurgeX, ZeroSurge, or BrickWall? Need to look at 'outlet protection!
We had 'wholehouse' surge protection installed by an electrican when we upgraded from 100A to 200A service. Yet, during a recent storm we lost 2 telephones, a cable modem, a wireless router, a computer, and a home theater in the box unit! We definitely have issues with the power company who won't come out and replace the lines feeding our house (visibly frayed insulation-I've seen the wires sparking as they tangle in the wind!).During the mentioned storm, we lost one leg of the 120VAC. Everything on those circuits were fine (basement circuits with plenty of electronic gear); and yet, the leg we didn't lose had the problems!
I have whole house surge also. It will only stop the really big stuff (lightning...). However, it will keep you from frying smaller surge protectors around the house since they only have to stop the small stuff. I have small surge protectors everywhere that counts. Little units like Triplites will work fine with conditioners on audio/vear gear.
I'll 2nd Tripplite Isobars. Great proucts @ reasonable prices. I'm not affilliated w/ them but use their products.
I live next to the church office (I am a minister). Last
summer both had a big hit. The office computers and phones were destroyed, BUT nothing at the house even though I saw(!) the surge shutting down my Sony rear projector LCD. It was plugged into an Equitec pc. No damage to anything there! Still, next time I will unplug everything!
Brick Wall is a reseller of the ZeroSurge product. It is the same technology, just differently packaged. I use these and purchase directly from whomever is cheaper at the moment (factoring in shipping cost). The literature makes sense to me and they seem to work well.
very interesting Rockadanny...do you mean to say that he products shown on their website are really ZeroSurge with a BrickWall faceplate? Any thoughts on the SurgeX?
Jlamb - Yes, BrickWall is a ZeroSurge reseller. Call ZeroSurge on the phone and speak with them - very helpful folks. Sorry, don't know about SurgeX.
ZeroSurge, Brick Wall, Torus Power and SurgeX all use the same patented series surge mode suppression system. The engineering basis is very solid for this approach. I'd suggest looking for the configuration and price that best meets your needs among the four of them. Torus Power adds a toroidal isolation transformer which costs more but provides an additional degree of noise supression.