Best support for Meridian 508.24 CD player?

What type of tuning feet and / or isolation platforms have you found to work best with the Meridian 508.24 CD player?

(My goal is not to alter the intrinsic character of this superb CD player, but to bring out it's inherent musicality to the fullest extent possible).

Any insights would be greatly appreciated!
I've tried numerous isolation feet, platforms, pods, pads, and cork sandwiched between two slabs of rubber. I finally settled on a Black Diamond Racing "The Shelf" for a platform and Soundcare Spike 2 as isolation feet for my 508.24. Each piece improved the soundstage as it snapped more into focus, lowered the noise floor, and allowed for a finer amount of detail to come through. I have suspended hardwood floors, and the combination of the "Shelf" and Spike 2 under my Meridian 508.24 alleviated all of my concerns. And it's such a great cd player!

Do you think the 508.24 benefits from vibration-draining tuning feet?

Theoretically it should, but my empiric observations so far are that they just sound different, but not better (or I just haven't found the "right" tuning feet yet).

I have also tried many combinations of tuning feet and / or isolation platforms and as of yet am not completely satisfied with any of them.

My current favorite is 3 Mapleshade Isoblocks on a solid, stable MDF rack (I am currently using 3 Mapleshade Ultimate Triplepoints, a 4 inch thick piece of solid maple, and 3 Mapleshade Isoblocks and am not sure that it is an improvement over the 3 Isoblocks alone).

My second favorite "suspension" is the player sitting directly on a Black Diamond Racing The Shelf for the Source via it's stock rubber feet.
I've had my 508.24 for about 7 months now. I've tried various isolation products and found the DH Labs large cones and pads on top of Bright Star sand filled shelf is the best by far. Little more detail. Better, tighter bass. Not boomy at all. Hope this helps.
By far the most significant improvement to my 508.24 was achieved with a Signal Guard isolation table.