Best super teeters to add to pair of horn speakers

I have a set of Odeon Tosca horns (or semi horns as they also have coventional moving coil bass drivers).Think company sells anther S version of speaker but am thinking I have seen well contructed super tweeter units sold by Tannoy,Fostex and others.Think I have even seen some ribon units availible.A nuber of folks with otherwise fine speakers like Qauds with their rolled of high ends have gone this route and thought I might give atry.Anybody with knowledge of brands or their implementation and use who could give me some pointers would be appreciated.
There are no "best supertweeters to add to pair of horn speakers" BUT there may be supertweets compatible with your particular spkrs.
Can you specify SENSITIVITY, FR figures and horn type used, for yr spkrs?
Most importantly, what is it that makes you feel extra tweets are necessary -- i.e. what are you trying to improve?
Chazzbo,you have a good idea,and will most likely gain rewards,if careful.I have heard,and investigated the fabulous Townshend Super Tweeter.It is the most flexible unit that I know of,and comes with a wonderful cable,to boot.Take a look at their web page,and best of luck.
Fostex t90aex,t900a t500a2 are the best arround have not heard any others close. If you like I can offer new fostex tweeters set up to match your system. Please check my feedback I have done this for many others a ribbon wont match your horns as well.
I tried Fostex FT17h and Beyma Cp21-f the Beyma was much nicer and not that expensive, the best trick I learned was to use a pair of mono speaker volume controls from Radio Shack, they use transformers and are really good to adjust volume with out loss of quality, use a 1st order xover, just a cap in series with the positive cable...for just tweeters I go for silver wire, from audioconsulting.

All the Best
Darn, after reading the title of this thread, I was hoping for something a little more juicy :-(
Sorry my w seemed to get stuck on keyboard.Don't want to change this from family freindly oreinted forment.Ahem.Have seen that some companies like my Odeon German horns are supposed to have it as option (S model offered by Savant Audio) but had company web site then lost my bnook makrs and can't find it (terrible domestic promotion and Axxiss in USA was worth less to them,.I got three pais for about 25 of list because nobody knoiws what they are a bassically uncollored horn no mater that Fremmer slammed them in review of a mdel.Think he did it because the pres reviews gush about anybody with an active advertising budget.But I digreess).As I said I think it was a pair of Tannoy I saw in thier own walnut enclosures and saw how a ribbon was used on qquds.Plus Cain and Cain had thier Abby's with syock a model that added a twtter on the side.I have wonddered about how some of tthese are added and it must be with a in line filter ac capacittor.I remember how good the tettter worked on my Gallo Ref 2's was in part due to the fact that it had no crossover just a big honking Hovland cap hooked to the back and I know people chnage dthis to chnage the speakers sound.A friendly gonner was talking to me about tables (I am unsure of wether to keep my Aries 12. or go Teres and SME.but I want to swap carts instantly and I THINK that SME had a twist off head as an option that allowed that).Well he started to tell me he thought most speakers were overpriced junk and that ZI should check out 47 Labs Bosnian impoorted Konus speakers with single drivers with NO CROSSOVER.Very interesting review of the flgshjip availible at 47 site from Enjoy the muisc .com where reviewer made good argument for single driver speakers in that ttheir is no perfect speaker (too much bass or treble) and PUREST sound comes from designs w/o a crossover like this Konus or ones that use a simple cap and you just live withthtin the limits of the (usually lck of bass) of speaker.But then I thought of how as much as I liked Quads and Maggies for same reason accurate sound except at frequency extremes I thought why not keep that pure center and add some bass with the (keeping it much lower then most folks inpropriately use them like) and if my curent speaker needs it or even oif it were a pure single driver or multi driver crossoverless design (thinking maybe Reference 3A here) one could ADD a teble sopurce as long as one wasn't also adding a complex crossover OR if one did make it outboard and high qaulity like a Marchand or Bryston where YOU control it.If folks read the NHT Xd review and then the of the DEQX digital pre /pro and tell me this may not be the wave of tthe future early than one of us is misjudging a big thing.Here I am getting rid of crossover adn then saying ( and I am a LP and tube guy) that a conveter to and all digital domain and crsossing it over thier is a good idea may at first glnce sound contradictory but it in't because I just think crossovers are designed poorly by and large (that DEQWX must be a godsend to those who want to like one guy who wrote me roll thier own.He liked Zdipoles so was going to use DEQX to work with comprssed foam open bafles and his own sourced cones and ribons.Lost touch with the guiy but in dry run he made his dumpy pair of 20 year old Dahlquis DQ230's sound almost as fgood as $10K Infinity Preludes.He had allready put subs in floors and was every enthuisastic aboiut being able to out do all the research that goes intop over priced gear with just that $300 pore/pro as the heart of thiungs since it not only corected the room but optimized in startiling fashion the signal fedback bwten proc and speakers.That's why everybod's jaw dropped at little 4. inch moitors and funny looking sub at wasn't thatt the materioal were so great,desiugn,or even the Class D amps.It was all DEQX taking over for xovers an optimizing potential of the cabinets,drivers,etc it was responding too.Read those twom DEQX articles AND the review of the Konus speakers at 47labs page.ZYou'll find them interesting.
Thats an old, very good idea, use a good full range driver for most of the spectrum and "add" a subwoofer and a super tweeter.
The Bazzilla speaker is kind of the same idea, I used to have a Lowther driver from around 100 hz to say 18k with 416 Altec woofers from 100 hz down and a super tweeter with just a Hovland cap (1 mfd I think) in series. I did everything to that setup, biamp, triamp, passive Xover Line level XO etc.
I would say, get a fullrange driver you really like and add an active subwoofer (velodyne?) and a supertweeter, forget about Active Xover the simpler the better, one amp for the full ranger and the supertweeter, connect the fullranger directly to the amp and a small Cap to the tweeter.
That way you are biamping with the subĀ“s amp and your fullrange amp. If you really want to go out of your way you can limit the bass response of the full range amp, either with a passive line level XO (PLLXO) or best way to do it would be to change the values of the coupling cap.
The full range driver (and cabinet) have to go lower than 60 hz for it to blend with the subwoofer...100 hz and you will need a Woofer (hence the Altec), not a subwoofer...

I am now using Cabasse speakers, I got tired of the Lowthers...

I am using The Fostex FT7RP Ribbon Tweeter, It was very cheap $168ish pair but sounds absolutely wonderful for the money. Have not heard the others mentioned although I have friends abroad that are using the Townsend and all rave about it. I am eager to have a listen for myself, but in the meantime I am happy with the sounds the cheapy FT7RP is making.