Best Suited Preamp For A McIntosh MC2500??

Can any of you experts steer me in the right direction in my quest for a great Preamp for my setup?
I'm making changes....right now I'm running a pair of JBL 4343 studio monitors with a pair of Adcom GFA-565's & a GFP-750 preamp. Today I got me a McIntosh MC2500 by way of garage find! It was being run with a C32 Preamp & I got that as well but I'm wondering which preamp would be optimum for my application? Would the C32 be an improvement or step down from the GFP-750?
I'm still debating whether to split up the Adcom's or just start a new & improved listening room....or am I pushing my luck in the marital department? :)
This is my first McIntosh & I hear great things about them but have yet to hear my first...including this one. What can I expect? Will this pair be a noticeable improvement over my present system?
I hear recommendations of running tube preamps with the bigger solid state amps but which one??
Any advice would be much appreciated!
Try both preamps and see what you think. There is no substitute for your own opinion. If you really want one that I find great, get a McIntosh C42. Enjoy your new McIntoshes!