Best Subwoofers? for my system

What are the best subwoofers to use with my system? I want to use two subs. My fronts are Aerial 7B's, center is Aerial CC3B. As soon as funds allow, I will be adding another set of 7B's for surrounds (& later another set for side surrounds).

I want something musical even if it doesn't have that last bit of impact when watching movies. I have heard very good things about REL & also the Aerial SW-12 sub.

Present System
Amps - (2) KAV-250a's & (1) KAV250a/3
Processor - Krell HTS (will be changing, Lexicon? Theta?)
DVD - Temporarily a "mid-fi" Pioneer (will also change)
CD - Classe CDP-1

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
Hi, Jeff:

I suggest you do a search of the Audiogon archives. There have been many, many threads over the past 6 months on the subject of subwoofers. You might start by looking for a post I submitted which summarized the tests of subwoofers conducted by Widescreen Review magazine.

For musical sound verses ground shaking energy, Vandersteen used to have an excellent sub it sounded wonderful, and blended well with various speakers. Not muddy no tone bass.

The Vandersteen or REL would be a good choice. The Vandersteen 2W comes in two models; one for HT and one for music.

REL has two lines. The Q subs (Q100E, Q150E, Q201E) are their Home Theater Line. They are still very musical. REL's audiophile line are the ST subs (STratus, STorm, STadium, STentor, STudio). The RELs are very easy to set up and integrate.

The REL's also allow you to run sub interconnects from your HT processor for movies and a high pass cable from the speaker terminals on your amp for music. The sub automatically switches between the two when no signal is present from the HT decoder/receiver.

I have two REL's; a Q100E on the HT setup and a REL STorm III on a separate audio system. See the informations at:

HI Jeff
I used to have two Rel Storm Subs in a two channel set up, because one sounded thin and uneven. I have since upgraded to one Talon Audio Rock 2002 and have been extremely happy since. You should do a demo if you could. The bass from the Rock is tight fast and full of body, texture and timbre.
I am not a dealer and I also do not work for Talon. I hope this helps.
I've been very happy with my two Velodyne HGS-15 subwoofers. I would highly recommend a listen.
I have two Aerial SW12s in my system and I have no desire to look further. They are powerful, very clean, and musical. Even with all they offer it was a challenge to integrate them with my LR5s and CC5 but I'm very happy as is.

As a fan of Aerial, I would think the Aerial SW12 would be an excellent match for the 7b's.
Thanks everybody,
Sugarbrie, adding another crossover via the high pass speaker terminals in front of my main speakers concerns me even though I'm sure it is of very high quality. Have you tried this set up? I don't have the space to have separate music & home theater systems so one model sub (in a matched pair)will have to do it all.