Best Subwoofer you've ever heard???

I don't know if this thread was ever made. I am a serious bass fein and have owned three subwoofers. My first was a Paradigm Servo 15, then a M&K MX-350 MKii, presently a SVS PB13 Ultra. As time went on the bass obviousely got better & better as I went on.

I think with my set-up and tweeks( Hifi Pyon Mythology sub platform) I have well defined, acurate, deep & solidly controlled bass. I am curious if I or anyone can help with advances in another subwoofer and explain they're experiences with all with either home theater or music. Myself, I am 65(movies)/35(music).....

Regards Bacardi
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SVS makes some great subs. I'd stick with what you have with price vs performance.

If you are just trying to get more bass out of 1 sub, then go with the Paradigm if you can swing it.

I'd wait it out and see what SVS has coming....
Sthomas12321, thx. I am very curious about the new 16" sealed SVS sub coming out this winter. I think for music it would be awesome looking at the specs....I wonder how both would sound together for movies & music as one is ported and one is sealed...

regards Bacardi
Have you looked into the Seaton Submersive HP (now w/ higher power rating)? Many with JL Fathoms, SVS Ultras and many other high-powered subs have migrated to the Submersives with success in both HT and music.

Good luck,

Iv`e have diffently not heard them all,but after my opinion the DD series from Velodyne it`s proberbly some of the best Sub`s out there. They are all digital and there is roomcorrection with it, with a little microfon so you can correct the bass to play where you sit and listen, very smart! I used the DD12 for music at the most, and was expecting very much bass, but after pluggin it in i was not overwhelmed. But after getting used to the Sub, i cannot imagine my self without a sub. It`s much more fun with a sub, and you will hear bass that you didn`t now was there......I think ยด`m gonna have another DD12:-))
I really like my JL 113s,I did have two DD-15's ,
I only had one f-113 at the time and I have to say she musically blew my DD's out of the water musically.
One JL 113 did that, I was so impressed I purchased 3 more.
I could only imagine what the JL gothams do.
these JL's are the most musical and fast subs I have listened to.
If you can audition different subs at home that would be the way to do it.I have no JL dealer here,so I took a chance and picked the one on Audiogon,then the other three.
Totally satisfied musically with the JL's.