Best subwoofer under $1000,-

I want to buy a subwoofer that is good with music and better with Dolby Digital sound on DVD's, like movies with explosiens and special effects.
Eartquake SuperNovaII incredible
In this price range, you have 2 choices: 1. Sunfire True Sub Jr. - an incredible sub in a small package, which has its own built-in amp; 2. A Hsu sub - but you'll need an amp to power it.
If it is for music, I would suggest Vandersteen or HSU, both well designed by people who listen. Good luck, JT
If you want the best, try either the Velodyne CT-150 or the discontinued VA-1250. Both are available for $700-$800 range. Performance is about the same. It takes a large to do movies right, so don't settle for some small pretender.