Best subwoofer match for Pyramid 7.7's

I have a small system I have set up in my office which consists of the 47 Labs Shigaraki integrated, Wavelength Proton USB Dac with my Mac Pro. I found a great pair of Met 7.7's and I am looking for a good sub to use with them. Did Sequerra make a single sub for those speakers (I am familiar with the 8W's) or have folks had good experience with any other subs out there for use with these speakers? Any info/insights appreciated.
REL has always impressed me. Plenty of nice tight bass and easy to make it seamless into any system I had. Another one that worked well with a small system I had was the Focal SIB sub. I'm a fan of the 8 drivers used in the subs
Any sealed sub from a decent manufacturer will work just fine. You'll need to decide if you want to run the speakers full range or not. That'll influence your choices.

If you're going to go full range, then nothing wrong with REL. If you're going to high-pass (or go full range), then I suggest sealed subs from SVS or Hsu Research. If you want to spend a lot more money, then JL Audio. Paradigm has always made good subs, though I haven't looked at their product line in quite a while.
Thanks-very helpful. Will look into the brands mentioned.