Best subwoofer for music under $1,000

I have had several brands including Velodyne, Emotiva,Klipsch,
And by far the most musical ,is he sealed 12 inch sub from SVS
They use a 400 watt Bash amp with peaks up to 800 watts.
The driver is a heavy duty 12 inch Aluminum driver from Peerless.
For $649 , it is excellent for music very tight and tunefull Bass,also very good for movies it digs down deep very respectable
This sub will go down to 23 hz , if you want more boom then get a ported design .this sub is very respectable in anything you through at it
And they have great customer service,as well as a 5 year transferable
Warranty. P.s if you buy 2 subs you save one decent moneys,
And you can trade up to a more expensive model within one year,
And they have at least a 30 day trial period where you can send it back .
I've owned the Velodyne Optimum Sub and thought it was very musical. The room eq was very nice.
I also just ordered a Gallo TR-3 sealed unit that goes down to 22hz. I've heard great thing about the Gallo, very musical and fast. I'll stay posted on the Gallo once I have a hundred hours or so on it.
Good thread. John
So far you've found the "best" in 6 categories. Apparently you're very lucky, or........

With so many possibilities out there, and you've found the best so easily. What are the chances........
Ive heard great things about HSU Research.
James loudspeakers subs, good stuff.
I recieved my Gallo TR-3 sub the other day.
It is the best sounding sub I have ever heard.
Very fast with plenty of drive.
Blends very well with my Focal Profile 918's.
It's a keeper for sure.
Check out the SVS sealed 12 for $650. It is exceptional very good articulation punch and detail buy 2 and it just makes the whole room
Part of the event and balances out any room nodes .if you buy 2 they even lower the ost $1100 for the pair allways free shipping and 5 year
Transferable warranty, and 30 day money back and hav won many awards.
I also recommend the HSU Reasearch. I just accepted delivery of my 1000 watt ULS15, my second sealed 15" sub for my room. The ULS15 is a little more than your 1K budget, but, well worth it. The ULS is augmenting a B&W ASW850 15" sealed sub. This is the first time I am using two subs in a stereo setup; it is awesome.