Best Subwoofer for music and movies

Hi, what do people think is the best Subwoofer for Music and Movies. I'v heard alot about Velodyne subs, the Muse 18, Aerial, Rel and RBH subs. What do people recommend, as the best sub for music and movies.
The REL line of subs is very hard to beat for use with both music and movies. I have recently auditioned a number of subs, and particularly liked the REL Q201E (MSRP $1600). I do not like "boomy" subs, nor am I particularly enamored with the subs that are intended primarily to reproduce LFE from movies. Vandersteen also makes an excellent sub-woofer unit, but it is best used with a full Vandy system. You will find a number of good subs out there, including the brands you mentioned - but I'd take a hard look at the REL's is good MUSIC reproduction is high on your list of criteria.
Bag End Elf 1 (stereo) x-over w/ 2 18inch S-18's!
For the price I like the Hsu Research VTF-2 ($499). It isn't the ultimate in low-end impact but it is very musical and works well for movies. They also sell subs that will extend below 18 hz; but they sell for about twice the price.
I agree with REL. Go for the Storm III. See Audioreview and Hifi Choice web sites for reviews.
I've had excellent results with the Vandersteen 2W series. A little tricky to wire up but ultimately the wiring scheme actually is a positive; no real bass management problems to solve other than placement and dynamic balance with the main speaker pair if using a single sub. (note: this wiring method is not possible with many integrated amps/AV receivers-check before you buy.) Overall a great product, especially considering the (typical for Vandersteen) very reasonable price.
i like vmps - get a pair, use a good used solid state amp, & a good electronic x-over - yule get better sound than a powered sub, for less $$$ - and, ya need two for decent audio - yust my opinion. doug
The Bag End Infra-18 sub was rated at the top in the 50 subwoofer shootout in Widescreen magazine. They rated for music, movies, build, etc. When you compare it to the price, you can't go wrong at $1500 new.....I bought 2 for my LFE.
I auditioned the Rels and liked them very much. I was going to get one when by chance I went to a some ones house that had a Velodyne HGS-15. I went the next day and bought one. Price is steep($2500), but it is incredible. The thing that surprises me the most is how much I like it on music. I have speakers that play to 30Hz, so the HGS-15 just plays 40Hz and down. I would have thought I wouldn't use it on music. It wasn't too hard to dail into my system and it does come with a remote(if your pre/pro remote can't change it) for movie and music adjustment. Money well spent.......Happy listening.....LR
Howdy: I have a Rel. I decided that I needed more bass so I bought an ACI Titan 2. Although I built it mysef to save lots of money the prebuilt Titan 2 is still a great bargain going on what my homemade one sounds like. I am going to buy and build another Titan and sell my present Rel. Any buyers? Check out the ACI site at Just my 2 cents worth. Happy listening.