Best Subwoofer for Magnepan speakers

Greetings Audiophiles ! I would like your imput. My present system is composed of the following: 1. Conrad Johnson PF-R Pre-amp. 2. McIntosh MC-300 Power Amp. 3. Magnepan 3.5 Speakers. As everyone already knows, the maggies have a great soundstage (with a powerhouse amp) but are somewhat weak on the bass. So do I want a subwoofer with a built in amp or do I want to power one with a dedicated amp? What brand subwoofer? Budget around $1500.00
I really value all your opinions! Thanks Kyle
The Rel Strata III works beautifully with my 1.6QR
speakers. The current version is the Strata 5.
You may be still looking for a good sub. I also have the
2.5R's and I spoke to a Mr. Hsu at Hsu Research. He designs
subs that are built in ...ready China! I bought the VTF-MK2
and I couldn't be happier.
Check him out at

Does anyone have experience running the James EMB-1200/1500 subs with Magnepans 3.6. Is the passive radiator design effective? Any fans of the Paradigm Reference Servo-15 with Maggies? Would appreciate recommendations for any subs up to $3k.
How about get two Adire Rava 2. Or just make sure your subs are sealed and you will be alright. Just like heads ..two are better than one.If you have the room that is.LOL
Stereo sealed subs are where it's at.No single sub with a single woofer/ input/ amplifier going to compete with two separate units run in stereo for music.Just not going to happen I don't care how much it cost.

Magnepans need subs that can keep up. I haven't heard a ported sub that can do this well. The less distortion the better. It will be easier to mate the subs to the Maggies.When your not running both left and right channels to the same unit.

Good Luck!