Best Subwoofer for B&W 805s Speakers

As many might know the B&W 805s speakers lack bass and I am trying to find a subwoofer under $1000 that would integrate well these speakers. I've been doing a lot of research on the web and there are too many choices out there (SVS, HSU, AV123, EPIK...) and I can't seem to decide. This is srictly for a 2 channel stereo system so no HT. My Equipment is all Rotel. Any suggestions? Thanks.
REL Storm III @ $900 to $1,000 on the used market. Very musical with a seamless presentation... offering a high degree of flexibility as far as connection options and adjustability. I had previously owned four other subs, including two from Velodyne, one from Atlantic Technologies and an old Yamaha sub, and the REL bested them all by a wide margin.

I would have never sold my REL, except for the fact that my Dynaudio C4's don't need a subwoofer, and I plan on keeping them for a long while, and I used the proceeds from the sub for some NOS tubes. If I'm ever in the need for another sub, REL would be at the top of my list.
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Thanks, I'll keep the REL in mind, I know they are very musical since this is at the top end of my budget I was wondering if anyone has had any experience/good results with something a even less costly?
The B&W ASW610 (retails for $1000) gets high marks from Stereophile. Used, you may alos look at Velodynes SPL series.
Consider the REL T series. I have just added a T-2 to my system with excellent results. There is a T-1 listed today .
I disagree- with the right amplification the 805s do NOT lack bass! Try using better upstream components- good CD player will definitely make a significant difference and use solid state (rather than tubby tube amp) amp with a adequate current delivery. For even better results- biwire the speakers. I have used with a Marantz PM11S1 and the bass is very rich and tight.
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I've been using a Velodyne DD-10 with my 805's for
a couple of years now. I'm pretty happy with it and
the built in room correction software is nice to have.
I think the 805's have great bass. Very tight and defined
but they lack depth. A quality sub will go a long
way toward brigning out the best of these monitors.

The amp I have is the Rotel RB 1080 and Rotel RCD 1072 CD player, are these components not considered upstream. Also I have bi-wired the speakers. The Velodyne DD series would be my ultimate choice but a bit too pricey for me. I am seriously considering a AV123 MFW 15 now.
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I never knew I needed a crossover, I guess that shows my inexperience. The SVS SB12 plus is one of the first subs I looked at, the word on the street I got was SVS was better for HT than music, the HSU(VTF 2.3 or 3.3) was better for music. How do I know whether I need a crossover with a sub for future reference? I already tried out the Martin Logan Dynamo and it didn't sound too bad. I'd like to thanks everyone for their input.
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Thanks for the explanation Bob. You have me leaning towards the SB12.
Anyone have any feedback on the Robert Acoustics Vigor? They have B-stocks on sale for $549.