Best Subwoofer for around $1500.00

I was wondering what people's opinions are regarding the best subwoofer for around $1500.00. There are no specifics, it can be the best music sub, best boom sub, best sounding sub...whatever your opinion leads to. Thanks
If you want a sub that sounds like speaker and not a distortion box I would STRONGLY recommend the Genesis 900. While they cost more than $1500 you can pick them up for that if you look around.They have the best sound I have ever heard. Sounded great w/ my Eggleston Andra's and now it even sounds better w/ my Thiels!
A used Velodyne HGS-12 could be had used for around $1100.
The Genesis 900 without a question. Nothing in that price range will even come close. I am using a pair of them with my Duntech 2000 Soverigns. I didn't think the bottom end could be improved on until I used the 900's. May take a while to find one, but well worth the effort. The only thing better than one is two of them, LOL. Good Luck!
The best new Sub for the money is the Paradigm Reference Servo-15,,,,STEREOPHILE CLASS B. THE best used Sub for the money is the B&W 800ASW,,,, awesome,powerful sub.
HGS12. I own two and they are fantastic!!!
Muse 18 has held that post for the past 8-9 years, STEREOPHILE CLASS A recommended component for many years and for good reason. You can get small circuit boards (unique to the Muse 18),specifically designed for a number of speakers which the consumer can easily plug in and change the sub to your speakers own unique requirements. New speakers, just get a new card for the sub. Also runs in default mode without a card at 50Hz. The 18 is around $3,500.00, just saw one on the Auction at your price point of $1,500.00. They just don't come up on used market very often, most people are reluctant to part with theirs it seems. check out - if interested
pair of HSU 1220's with the 500watt amp. Definately runs with the big dogs.
REL Stratus II- $1250. From a company that is dedicated to musical subwoofers. They are quick with a very tight timber. I have heard it playing with both pro ac and mangepan 1.6qr's and it was indistiquishable from either. And those two speakers are very hard to match.(stereophile recommended- but that is meaning less and less with every recommended component issue they come out with)
A set of HSU VTF-2's. Recently "Class A" rated by Stereophile
Paradigm Servo reference-15
My vote is for the Sunfire true sub MKII. I have owned one for about 6 months, ablsolutely no complaints. Flat to 18 hz, ridiculous power, very tight but great excursion for bass hits, versatile, in a different class from all other subs I auditioned in this price range. Definitely give it a try.
REL Strata is the best for much less than $1500.
I agree...REL Strate III is the best sounding subwoofer in this price range. Never draws any attention to itself and just provides pure, clean bass that integrates seamlessly with my Eggleston Fontaines.
I have read good reviews about the Genesis 900, but it is not made anymore. Anyone know about its replacement, the 928? Thanks
At the top end of the price scale, I like the Muse and the Velodyne HGS models. At the lower end of the scale, I really like the Velodyne FSR-12. They go for about $700-800 used and I really can't hear a difference between it and the HGS-12. I chose models that have high pass electronics that are actually useful. If you go with a good outboard electronic x-over and a sub that lets you bypass its x-over, or you use the sub in conjunction with running your main speakers full range, then the list expands
You might want to check out the new ACI Titan II sub for $1000. They are offering a 30 day return andf will pay for shipping if you do.