Best Subwoofer for 1500- 2500????

I'm looking for a subwoofer to compliment my Paradigm Studio 40's. I like bass, and i want the house to thunder when i watch DVD's AND listen to music. Any thoughts on the best sub around the $1500-$2500 price range? I want quality, not the college days Cerwin Vega 15's!! Thanks!
Hi, Weedo:

You might want to check the Audiogon archives for several articles I've posted over the past 6-7 months. The first article was a summary of the reviews and ratings of subwoofers by "Widescreen Review" mag, and the most recent one was a summary of the recommended subwoofer list just published by "The Perfect Vision" mag (sister publication to TAS).
I would stay with the same brand, namely the Paradigm Servo-15. One of the larger Velodyne servos would also be a good choice. I would stay away from the so called "high end" brands...less bang for the buck. Also, look into refurbished models of the above from reputable dealers.
I would say Paradigm Servo-15 as well.....
I recommend Paradigm Servo-15

Paradigm Servo-15 is really good for Movies... For Music, it's good but can be hard to fine tune...
I'm having trouble finding the archives. Where are they?
Hi, Weedo:

If you go to the bottom of the forum discussion topics, you will see a link titled "more chat". Click on that link, and it will take you to a directory page. On that page, you will find a "search for topic" box (on the right side of the page, about half-way down). Simply type in the topic you are looking for, and hit the search button. If you search for the subject "Widescreen Review", you will find not only the article I posted, but also some other reviews of subwoofers.
That is a decent price range for new subs and you could even cut the price in half going used.

Perhaps the most musical sub for this price break is the Bag End Infrasub 18 inch subwoofer sells new for $1600 or used for $800. I've had in my house for several weeks and could not believe that an 18 inch sub could be so tight. Stereophile's Michael Fremer gave this sub a very high rating.

I chose Triad's platinum 18 inch sub. Sonically one step down from the Bag End but still very musical from 35Hz down to 18 Hz.

There are a few other subs out there to consider, but not many as many are just boomy without musical definition. You should not compromise at this price on a sub that will not reproduce down to a min of 20Hz and preferably down to 18Hz or lower.
Ok, this is killing me, i can't find the "more chat" section to look up the sub review! Grrrr.....
Entec LF-30 (or LF40) Hands Down.

The "more chat" link is at the bottom of the page where all of the discussion topics appear. From this page, you can click on "back" to get to discussion topics list -- then scroll down to the bottom, where you will see the "more chat" link.

Also, I have just posted the annual speaker and subwoofer recommendation list published by The Sensible Sound mag. Look for the post on the discussion topics page.
Maybe i've completely lost it, but when i hit "back" and scroll down, all i see is "next 50". If i hit back again, still nothing. Sorry to be a pain, i'm just dying to see the reviews!
You just can't do better for great subs that are musical and have a ton of output. Extremely beautiful as well.
I would first recommend matchig your front speakers with your center with your Sub...does Paradigm make a sub?

If the following qualities in a Sub are important to you:
Fast, Accurate, Responsive, Tight, and does not muddle the sound of your front speakers or center cahnnel sound I would recommend you take a moment and listen to the Monitor Audio FB 212 Sub Woofer.
Revel B15 Sub, Paradigm Servo 15 sub,
I will end your sub trivial search by telling you that the best sub hands down is the "Sunfire Signature Sub"!!!!I bought one through Audiogon,used for about $1,200.It produces the most terrifying,earth shaking deepest bass that I've ever heard in a home theater set-up.I'm very picky when it comes to powered subs and this is the best one out there period!!!!!
You need to check out a new sub called Art Of Sound. I own one, and they are really nice, very well made, and they go down real deep, too. They don't have too many dealers, but if you go to their website, you will get more info. I highly recommend their sub, a better value than Rel.
This sub is true all the way down 16-100Hz. 12" cast frame Extreme-duty driver. Weighs in at a whopping 105lbs. Built-in 900W Hi-current amp this sub is fast and integrates with any main speaker system in either audio or HT application. Visit and contact me if interested.
I am a dealer BUT ordered from a Direct Only company (NO DEALER DISCOUNT)-SV Subwoofers. I haven't received it yet, but they have gotten substantial reviews.