Best subwoofer for 1000 to 2000 dollars

Hi, I'm using these Condor mini monitor speakers. They use a 7 inch Scanspeak midbase and a Scanspeak tweeter. I'm looking to get a sub for music and home theather. The Subs I'm looking at, are Velodyne HGS 12, HGS 15, Earthquake SuperNova, which uses a 12 inch woofer and a passive 12 inch woofer, Tyler Acoustics Taylo Ref Sub, which uses a 12 inch woofer, Infinity IL 120S w/ rabos kit - or the more expensive Infinity sub with rabos kit, ITM1.2SC, and the JM Lab SW 900. If anyone has any other recommendations, please say them.
I have another to add to your list:

Talon Roc!

Try a REL! you can hook up the sub with both stereo leads for audio and a LFE for home theater and adjust them seperately. Also, IMO, you won't find a more musical sub for audio listening.
I agree with Rbstehno. But, if you can, try a pair.......John
Try the Martin-Logan Depth. It uses three 8 inch "balanced force" drivers and a 300 watt amp. The frequency response is down to 20 hz and it is very fast and tight. I replace a 12 inch Velodyne with one and the difference is jaw dropping.