Best Subwoofer?

what is the best subwoofer? Strictly for music.
Velodyne HGS-15 or 18. No boom , no bloom, just accurate bass.
If you have less than a grand I would check out the Titan at If you have $1500 to spend I would check out the Kensington at I'll probably be getting the latter in the next few months. Both are factory direct. I've heard that REL's are very good, albeit pricy.
I own a REL Q100E and let me tell you, It is clean smooth bass. The price is higher because IT IS better. I too thought they were expensive, but now I am convinved.
Probably the best sub for music is REL. These subs use a balanced speaker level input direct from the amp so that they blend seamlessly with your main speakers. They are the fastest and most accurate sub that I have heard. They also have the best system for adjusting the crossover point. I have the stadium II model and it is the best out of the last five subs that I have had. It definitely is more expensive, but the cabinetry is also one of the nice things that attract me to these subs. The only other one that I have not heard that may have an edge is the new very pricey Aerial sub that has been getting great reviews.
It is a passive sub so you need a really juicy amp (I use a QSC Powerlight 1.8), but the Whise Profunder 320 is God-like is its presentation. Subtle when it needs to be and freakin' intimidating when you want it to be. As good as it is, you can still construct a sub that is as good, if not better, on your own for much less money.
I've been very impressed with the vandersteen 2W series subwoofers. Outboard crossover makes for very seamless integration with good quality mains pair. Work best in stereo pairs, of course, and can drive all but the largest rooms to any reasonable level. Tight and precise. Adjustable "Q" on the newer line. Kinda difficult to find good used ones, however (in my experience). Even new, reasonably priced.
I just acquired a Definitive Technology PF15TL+ sub. For $700 list, I am truly amazed. This baby sports a 500w amp and 15" woofer - a vast speed improvement over the PF15TL version. I cranked up No Mystery by Return To Forever, and my neighbor was rendered impotent for three days(?). Honestly, after auditioning B&W, Phase Tech, and Velodyne, I was sold on the Def Tech for sound vs. value. GOOD LUCK!
The best of all ? REL STUDIO. period. Forget about the smaller models,although good performers for the money. if you are the person who says: i own the best speakers ever made.. try the STUDIO, take your time to adjust it and settle down, be overwhelmed what it does ! You will never ever want to part with it !
I can't believe that no one has mentioned the Muse 18!
I agree that the Vandersteens are best for all the reasons that "MWP" points out. But I believe one additional reason they are the best is their speed. They use 3-8" drivers. THe speed and accuracy of the 8" drivers cannot be matched by ANY 12"-15"-18" drivers due to mass - see Physics 101.
I would have to agree that the vandersteen 2w is best musical subwoofer i have heard, and owned.
Wilson Audio WHOW sub is the BEST by far of any other sub out there. The bass output is deep, fast, and awesome. It is great for music and movies.I felt impressed by its performance on how well it expresses the emotion of the deep notes. I can get carried away with its high volume levels that it will pound down on your walls and everything else. It is fun!!!
Try to listen to a system with the Aerial SW-12 subwoofer. The best sub to use if music is important to you.