Best sub4k amplification and processing?

I am interested in going multichannel from a very musical and high end 2 channel system. I work in the business and just want some opinions on what is the best in this price catagory from you guys-especially those of you who have compared any of these following pieces that I have narrowed it down to. Any additional comments/recommedations are welcome only if you have done comparisons with these products in similar circumstances, please.

So, here is the list that I have compiled based on numerous factors, but mainly sound quality was used to compile this list:
1. B&K AVR507/AVR507s2 Reciever
2. NAD T762 Reciever for a cheaper solution with alomost the sound quality of the b$k-I am a dealer for both...I have compared these two.
3. The NAD seperates...I have not heard these pieces that retail for $500 more that the B&K, but have to wonder just how they would compare based on the stellar performance of the T762 reciever.
4. The ARCAM reciever-who has compared it to above? I am not an arcam dealer, so this really is not on my list but I have heard good things.
5. Any other opinions welcome with these exceptions-I am a dealer or have been for all of these manufactures and while they all make very good recievers and in some price catagories the best available this is not my cryteria-They are as follows: Any recievers from Denon, Yamaha, Pio Elite, Onkyo or anything Japanese other that Rotel.
Thanks to all for your input-let the games begin...
That's an interesting idea. If you get a really good deal on a used B & K and decide it isn't what you want, I suppose you could sell it for close to what you paid. When you combine a high quality two channel tube amp with the other channels driven by the receiver, it will be interesting to hear how that sounds during multi-channel listening. For me, I would still much rather have the Proceed AVP2+6 than to use a receiver, even if only as a pre-pro. If you do a 5.1 system and you're planning to use higher quality amps for your front L & R -- which is exactly what I would do -- and if the AVP2+6 costs about as much as the receiver, then you only need to power the other three channels. You could buy something like an Anthem MCA 30 for around $1,000. True, this system would cost $1,000 more than the one with the receiver, but I think the sound of the AVP2+6 plus outboard amplification would be a huge improvement over what you're trying to do with the receiver.
Yes, I agree with you in the ultimate sense, I will just have to see how the budget works out...Thanks for all of your input.
One other thing has come up that has caught my attention, as a sound quality /price ratio thing but absolutley no frills in the surround world is a Thule 5 channel integrated here on agon that retails for $4500-used for $1500-guy said it sounds almost as good as his plineus???I have no clue about Thule-anybody out there no of this piece?
Scottshannon, Thule has a problem with Quality Control. I bought some components from the former importer of these products and had to return them due to poor workmanship. One of the RCA connectors fell inside the chassis when I tried to hook up the interconnects. Then the logo fell out of the other component for no reason. I know it's kind of unfair judgement based on one experience. I couldn't erase this first impression out of my mind. I guess this is the reason why the importer no longer works with Thule.
Good to know-thats why I asked...How did it sound when & if it ever worked???Or did you just give up and move on?