Best sub4k amplification and processing?

I am interested in going multichannel from a very musical and high end 2 channel system. I work in the business and just want some opinions on what is the best in this price catagory from you guys-especially those of you who have compared any of these following pieces that I have narrowed it down to. Any additional comments/recommedations are welcome only if you have done comparisons with these products in similar circumstances, please.

So, here is the list that I have compiled based on numerous factors, but mainly sound quality was used to compile this list:
1. B&K AVR507/AVR507s2 Reciever
2. NAD T762 Reciever for a cheaper solution with alomost the sound quality of the b$k-I am a dealer for both...I have compared these two.
3. The NAD seperates...I have not heard these pieces that retail for $500 more that the B&K, but have to wonder just how they would compare based on the stellar performance of the T762 reciever.
4. The ARCAM reciever-who has compared it to above? I am not an arcam dealer, so this really is not on my list but I have heard good things.
5. Any other opinions welcome with these exceptions-I am a dealer or have been for all of these manufactures and while they all make very good recievers and in some price catagories the best available this is not my cryteria-They are as follows: Any recievers from Denon, Yamaha, Pio Elite, Onkyo or anything Japanese other that Rotel.
Thanks to all for your input-let the games begin...
If you're looking at receivers, those are the usual suspects. You left Marantz
and Integra off your list. Which you pick will be based on your listening tests
and which features you want. You'll have to decide how you feel about HDMI
and Firewire connectivity, room correction, video switching, what type of
front end you're using, etc.
Sunfire, Anthem and Bel Canto should also be on the list if you dont mind buying secondhand.
Within NAD, is there a reason why you left out T773 receiver and the combo T163 & T973? I think they are better than the T762.
You can also get a used combo of Anthem AVM-30 and MCA-50 for $2,500 and $1,300, respectively. But then you 'll have to invest in cables.
I've owned both Bel Canto and B&K and wouldn't hesitate to purchase any product from either company. Nad had quality control problems from what I've read - Arcam has a good rep.

As far as receivers, the Denon models with dacs in dual-differential configuration for the front L & R such as AVR-5803, AVR-3805 should do the trick in 2 channel mode and also for processing surround sound. I was using the Denon AVR-3803 for surround sound processing only and was very happy with the results.

Try for reviews from different publications on a wide variety of different products in almost all audio/video categories.

Best of Luck
The Denon AVR-3805 has Denon-Link, which will pass DVD-A, but has not
been approved for SACD. It has component video switching capabilities, but
not HDMI. This is why decsions have to made with regard to the importance
of these features. Once a desired feature-set is identified, the choice of
receiver could narrow down substantially.

How important is High Rez Digital, SACD & DVD-A, to you?

What kind of front end are you using?

Do you want to use the DAC's in your front end, or are you looking for
a receiver to do your DA conversion?

If you're looking for a receiver to do DA Conversion, if you're interested in
High Rez digital, and if you have a Universal Player as your front end, does
your player have Firewire connectivity? HDMI? If it has Firewire connectivity,
or if you're interested in moving to a front end with Firewire connectivity,
you'll need a receiver (or pre-pro) with Firewire Connectivity.

At the present time, there are only a few receivers with this feature.

So, identifying a feature set is extremely important.