best sub-sat system for less than $2000

I am looking for five speakers and a subwoofer as part of an inexpensive HT setup. The source will likely be a sony 9000 ES and the speakers will be driven by either used 5.1 pre/pro and 5 channel amp or a HT receiver. The room is around 20'x 14' with 10' ceilings. I watch and listen to DVDs at a low to moderate level. The sub and the sats need not be made by the same company.

Also, any other comments or suggestions regarding a HT setup approximately as described above would be appreciated. Thanks.
I would look at used Klipsch KLF10s or KLF20s and a KLF-C7(centre). These are very efficient speakers thus can get by with smaller amps(saving money). They are a bit bright and have a lot of bass - in my opinion perfect for home theatre...not the best for music. Used subs - I believe highly in M&K subs and am a loyal follower - I had and did not like PSB subsonic 6.
Both are internet only, have great products, and are reasonably priced. Great sound and a price that simply cannot be beat.

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Check out the various lower end systems from Paradigm, including the Cinema series. Their construction, quality of materials, attention to detail, and most importantly, SOUND, are amazing every price point. They are pretty widely distributed, so you should be able to hear them before buying, and most dealers will discount in the range of 15-20% below retail.

FYI, I have the Paradigm reference series in my big system, and a smaller "Mini Monitor" system in my family room, so I have put my money where my mouth is - twice.
Anyone heard the Linn Classik Movie System (the integrated DVD/prepro/5 channel amp with or without the classik speaker system or know where I could obtain it? Thanks for the input.