Best Sub pairing with Quad 2805s

Looking for a sub that is fast enough to pair up with the Quad 2805s as ideal combination to get the most out of the speaker.
Heard the Wilson Benesch Torus is just killer, but out of my price range for now.
Thinking of the REL Gibralter G2 (carbon fiber driver) or the JL Fathom f112.
Looking for 2 channel musicality and finesse, not home theatre brute force.
Had electrostatic speakers, Final 1000, and had both the JL F112 and F110 in home for a demo and the F110 blended in seamlessly it is a great sub IMO. Best of Luck
Your first choice was correct!! Save up and wait...You'll be glad you did! I used 2 with a pair of Magico Mini 2's...ExCELLENT>

Well you are correct. The Wilson Benesch Torus is stunning, the 18" diaphragm operates in push pull mode just like your speakers. I understand the Torus is pricey. I would suggest that you purchase a very moderately priced sub woofer and operate it down to 35 or 40 hz. At that range you will get a good foundation for your speakers without the distortion and doubling you would have if you go lower.. By the way even those highly touted subs will double and smear bass when they operate below the 30hz. It is just an engineering impossibility to be clean and fast and deep using big magnets and stiff suspensions.