Best sub for Silverline Audio Sonatina I

Recently purchased these wonderful, if bottom-limited speakers and looking to purchase the 'right' sub to enhance the bass. The mids and highs are superb, but the bass lacks the punch I admired in my previous speakers. Any suggetions? I listen mostly to classic/new rock, jazz, reggae, and some classical.
Much appreciated.
I have the Sonatina II's and I use a M&K MX100. It's an older unit, but has 2 12's and sounds great. I listen to the same kind of music that you do and am very satisfied. PS: I run speakers with a 50 watt integrated tube amp.

I highly recomend M&K.

Good luck.
Dear Macdad: Two Velodyne HGS-12 or DD-12. Nothing come close.

Take a look:

Regards and enjoy the music.

I also have the Silverline Audio Sonatina II's and I have been able to use the Original Talon Roc with good results.
Well, the Talon come cloe. Very good subs.

Regards and enjoy the music.