Best Sub for Music, Under $1000

I currently use a Revel B15 to fill out the low end on my Tyler Acoustic Monitors. This weekend we put the B15 into our home theater system and realized that it's extremely low frequency response was being underutilized in the two channel music system, so I am in the market for a great sub for music only - the catch is that I have only $1000 to spend - used would be fine, but I would prefere a transferrable warranty. I am considering going with the Tyler Acoustic Taylo Sub, but have not heard anything about it one way or another. Thanks.
If you can find a Bag End Infrasub-18 for under $1,000 used, grab it. It is extremely fast, tight, and musical - not to mention that it is flat down to 8 cycles. You will hear and feel bass that you did not know existed before.
You can't beat a REL Strata III (~$950 used) or a REL Storm III (~$1150 used) for music. They easily integrate with monitors and have dual inputs (hi/low) so that you can use them for HT as well. The hard part is finding a used one. They usually sell in a couple of hours once they are posted.

I have one matched with my B&W CDM1s and the sound is incredible.

I could write more but the quuality of this sub is well documented in the Audiogon forums. Do a search for "Rel" and you should come up with more info or look at the reviews here:
The word "musical" is the main adjective that comes to mind in describing the Vandersteen 2Wq subwoofer. While the REL and a few other subs in the 2Wq's price range have much to offer, I continue to be extremely pleased with the 2Wq's musicality.
Again, I would recommend the Muse model 18. Very musical and tight, goes low, and is very fast.
I agree with SDCAMPCELL as I use a pair of 2Wq subs with my MG 3.6R.
I own, and love the Sunfire Architectural Sub. Fast, tight, powerful, very musical and small. Lists for $1400, but you should find it, new, nicely discounted for $1000. I did. It's designed for two channel listening. Everyone thinks of Sunfire and HT, but this baby is wonderful. It blends seemlessly with my M20s. I compared the Architectural to the B-15 before I bought it. Price and size were factors, but I used the B-15 as a referent. The Sunfire held its' own, beautifully. Happy listening.
REL or the Vandersteen. The Vandersteen needs a crossover, which will affect the sound of your mains.
Thanks for the replies and suggestions. After thinking about it some more, I think the Revel is going back into the two-channel system - it is just too good to replace for $1000. Instead, I plan to get a Sunfire True Sub Mk IV for the home theater. The size will another member of the household.

I heard last week Infinity Interlude IL120S with the Rabos equailizer. Stereophile rated this the best sub for 1000 dollars. With the rabos software done right, this sub is great. This sub lists for a 1000 dollars. This sub was really good for music