Best sub for HT?

I just got a Pioneer 1120-k as a black Friday present for myself, and I'd like to get a good sub for HT exclusively. I have an old Sony that frequently gets over driven during movie watching. I'm looking for the best bank for the buck sub. My current setup is a 5.1 system - Infinity SM82 and Video1 center, with Mirage rears.

Outlaw Audio subs are in the "best bang for buck" class, and I'm sure there are others.

Hsu Research (they make the Outlaw subs) makes great subs. I own two of them. I also hear SVS does a great job. I also have a smaller REL which is really great for music. they make great subs but the larger ones are expensive.
If it's strictly for home theater and you don't have to worry about looks, check into the SVS cylinder subs, or ported HSU subs. This is coming from a sealed sub fan. The ported subs will give you more output per dollar.

I've used sealed subs from both SVS and HSU and they both offer great value and quality.

While I've not tried any of their offerings, Epik has some interesting products too.

Best of luck.
HSU and SVS are a good choice.
Edit: I was thinking HSU (but typed Outlaw Audio) mistake.

Of course as stated (and I've read it at other times), HSU makes the Outlaw Audio subs anyway.

I have no listening experience with Outlaw subs, but I have setup HSU subs in the past (I did like the results).

I use two VMPS passive subs in my system.

The Emotiva subs are quite powerful and budget-minded. Check out