Best sub for Dynaudio 1.3SE's

I was curious to see what people were using for a sub for their Dynaudio speakers. I am looking at HSU, both for two channel and for home theater... though the 1.3SE really does not need a sub for 2 channel.
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I have my 1.3SE's teamed up with a REL Storm III. I highly recommend this combo! My past experience with Velodyne SPL-1000 was just so-so.
IMLHO I think the REL is pretty good but ----- not up to good integration with the Dyna's which are very high quality very fast drivers.

Also I am NOT a fan of plate amps. I use a Threshold on my subs, prior to that was MUSE which was excellent but just nat's hair slower than the Threshold but had much more explosive bass. I have my subs matched to big maggies so speed is of the essence, and I think with Dyna's you'll find the same thing.

The Vandersteen subs were very quick for a lower cost mass market sub.

Well I have my 1.3 matched up to Dynaudio Sub 500. Seems like an easy match and sounds good, as they say Danes don't lie.
I used a Dynaudio Sub 250 with my Special 25's for home theater, but in the end it was overkill. With the right gear and room treatments you really shouldnÂ’t need a sub for 1.3SE.
I recently auditioned a REL R218 with my Dynaudio Audience 52SEs. It sounded excellent and well matched. In the end I bought a pair of Contour S1.4s to use instead of my 52SE, and abandoned my plans to use a sub in that system (analog 2-channel music). I have a Dyn Sub500 in my 7.1 HT system, so I may drag it upstairs sometime to the music room and see how it plays with the S1.4s.
Do let me us know if you do that. I have Dynaudio Contour S1.4's and have been thinking of bringing a REL Storm III in. Waiting to see if the mods on my McCormack are going to justify a sub or sound great as is.
I did get a REL Stadium III with my Dynaudio Countour 1.4S. Integrated very easily and really opens up the speakers. The speakers seem to sound great across the whole spectrum.I got upgrades to my McCormack 225/RLD-1 and noticed the integration with the sub seemed to improve not just bass extension but soundstage.