Best Sub for CDM-1

I am looking for a new sub woofer for my CDM-1s. I listen to 50/50 music/HT, but music is the most important (I don't care about shaking the walls). Price range is around $1k used. I have heard the Velodyne HGS-10 in the showroom with the CDMs and it sounded amazing. I was ready to buy one and then I saw all the negative feedback on The HGS-12 seems to be much more reliable.

I am also interested in the Rel Strata III(which everyone raves about) but the only one I could listen to didn't sound that great. It might not have been set up correctly.

I guess my question is if anyone has used the Rel Strata III with a pair of CDMs? Does it really sound that great and clean for music? I'm almost convinced that I don't want to go with the Velodyne because or the reliability.

Yes, if it is in your budget you won't be disapointed in the Stratus III. If where you heard the REL was Tweeter, those folks are clueless.

If you can find a used B&W ASW-800 sub it is worth a try. It is the "Matrix" subwoofer which went with the Matrix 800 Series speakers that came before the Nautilus 800 series. It had a MSRP of $1600. Used probably half.
Nice sub !!
I use an M&K MX 125 with my Nautilus 805's and the integration is seamless from top to bottom, you can
not tell the difference, or sub location in my room,
I turn the this particular sub wayyyy down, and there is NO boom whatsoever, I auditioned the same speakers yesterday in a place called Sounds Like Music in north Scottsdale yesterday with no sub, and the difference is incredible.
I wouldnt hesitate to use this sub with any monitor.
I wouldnt buy the hype about this sub not being musical for a moment, i have listened to 100,000.00 systems that do not sound any better.
Hey Warehouse,

I second Sugarbrie on the Rel Strata III. I just added two to my system and the difference is amazing. Just adding one made my system go up a notch and a half in performance. Adding the second sub took everything to a whole different level. The Rel Strata III is very easy to integrate and is as musical a sub as I've heard. I've owned three other subs, B&W ASW-500, Velodyne FSX-12 and Rel Q100E and the Strata III out-performs them all by a long shot. If you can find one in your price range, get it and enjoy the music. Happy hunting and enjoy the new year......John

Thanks for your advice. I just bought a REL Strata III and can't wait for it to show up. I'm hoping that it will fill out my speakers a little and open the soundstage.

Thanks again!
Bagend infra sub 18. End of story used.Probably 850.00