Best sub for B&W matrix 805

What would be the best choice
You might want to contact B&W on that. I'm sure they would be able to tell you which ones in their current line would mate well with the matrix 805. They got back to me when I wrote them, but it took them a couple days. Just a thought.
I use a REL Strata III.
A friend has two Vandrstein subs with his 804's, they sound seemless together
If you can find a used B&W ASW-800 it will be a perfect match. The ASW-800 is the Matrix sub. For a REL, I would consider the Storm III at a minimum.
two martin logan original dynamos sealed box fast and very musical sounds awesome with my 805 matrix imho
Has anyone used a Velodyne sub with the B&W Matrix 805s? If so what model #s?
A friend of mine used a Velodyne sub with B&W Matrix 805s a long time ago. It was the ULD-15 I think. Amplification was Krell. Awesome sound. He still regrets selling that system.
Thanks Rogercr for sharing the info. It helps me get an idea as to what to do for when I do get the Matrix 805 bookshelf speakers. That particular Velodyne sub and Krell amplification is pretty serious. I will have to start saving funds just in case my gear isn't up to snuff.