Best sub $750 usb cable

I am looking at several 2 meter usb cables under $750. Specifically, I am looking at wywires lightspd silver usb, locus design polestar and axis, ridge street poiema rv3 and revelation audio labs prophecy usb. Anyone have any experience with any of these cables?? I currently use a wywires spdif bnc to rca between my benchmark dac 1 usb and marantz sacd/universal player and I like it a lot. Again I would appreciate any suggestions or recommendations...
lads one weighing in???? I spoke with both Alex at Wywires and Robert at RSA. Both are amazing to talk to and provided me with a tremendous amount of information. I would highly recommend them both. I tried to contact Locus Design directly only to learn they are sadly not in business right now. Hopefully they will be soon as they make great stuff as well! With that said I went ahead and went with the Wywires litespd silver usb. Alex gave me an incredible deal as a returning customer and his cables absolutely perform way above their price range! My litespd is not even broken in yet and I noticed such an improvement over my Kimber Kable usb. The sound really tightened up a lot and I am hearing substantial more detail! My hats off to Alex at Wywires for making some incredible cables!

You made a solid choice. I have a wywires handling every signal in my system (including USB and SPDIFs) and they are really an exceptional product. The USB in particular would be very difficult to better.
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