Best sub- 300 DVD?


I will be looking for a DVD player in the under $300 range to add to my RPTV. What in your opinion(s) are the best choices with progressive scan, low (or no)artifacts/bugs, DVD-audio, CD-R /MP3 play....picture quality is the main objective - DVD/CD audio playback are afterthoughts.

I think Pioneer has the best low cost units out there. they have used their technology and really made very good units at that price point--consistently. Now having said that, by DVD 343 sound has gone out completely--only a year old. Will I buy another Pioneer? Probably. I've owned at least 8 other pioneer DVD or DVL or LD units and this is the first to ever have a problem. One thing I really liked about the Pioneer is it's ability to play all formats including SVCD, which I use to digitally record my children and burn movies to CDRs in SVCD format.
toshiba 4700 $300
can get for less

has dvd-a
progressive scan
great picture and sound for low costs

spend the rest on dvd-a discs and enjoy em now


I second Tom's recommendation on the Toshiba SD-4700. Or you could try Sony's new DVP-NS715 for just $200.00. This one has everything that you are looking for, and has 12/108 video processing on top of that. All for just $200.00. It has progressive scan capability too. You can check it out at "".

NAD T550 sells for $800 or something like that and Kevin at upscale audio in CA has them for like $329 new sealed in the box. I bought one and I use it 99% of the time for CD playback, but I'm happy with the picture also.