Best sub 1k tube pre amp for ss amp

Recommendations needed for tube pre amp to mate with ARC D200 amp, Camelot Roundtable, and Paradigm Studio 40 for den system. Budget boss has ceiling set at under $1,000.00
For a time I had my ARC SP9MKII mated with an NAD C270 - it was an excellent match.
Look through the archives. This has been hashed and rehashed a bunch. Most will tell you CJ, ARC and I will say an Audible Illusions.
Audible Illusions do better with tube amps in my experience (owned an Mod 3 A once) Audio Research used under $750 (LS2,5,7,15 with upgraded tubes is fine). Better is a used Cary linestage. They made one at around $1200 without a remote that was dynamite! It was called something like SP50 or LS50 or similar.
Other considerations are used Sonic Frontiers L-2 if you can get under $1k. Another guy recommended looking at Audio Experience Symphonies tube line stage for $400 used price range I think? Anyway, this should get you what you need sonically. Just remember upgraded tubes often make a huge difference as well!
Dare to be your own "Budget Boss" !! Failing that, I would recommend a CJ PV-11 or CJ PV-5.
Csericks, I did that (drove S-S poweramps with a V-T preamp) very succesfully with various CJ preamps. With fono stage and for little money, my choice was a CJ PV5. It has gobs of gain (70dB), low noise, and low output impedance, something highly beneficial with low-input-impedance SS poweramps. (Seems to me the Audible Illlusions did not have cathode folowers and hence had high output impedance?)

I have a great-sounding, fully functional, highly improved PV5 available; e-mail me at if you're at all interested.
have you considered a 2nd hand eastern electric minimax?
i've seen plenty here on audiogon. great little pre! i'm very happy with mine.
ARC, quicksilver, transcendent, or audible illusions.