best sub $1K TT for 45 rpm

My friend is looking to replace his TT which recently crapped out. He has been looking at used and new Rega P3's but is turned off by the exercise required to change speeds. He plays 45's about 25% of the time, so would like more convenient speed switch. Any recommendations for a deck that plays both 33 1/3 and 45 rpm disks re3asonably well, with painless speed switching, for under or near $1K new or used including arm and cartridge? I realize this is at the toe of the vinyl mountain price wise, but the P3 would have fit the bill for now and been a significant upgrade from what he had been using.

This friend recently gave me an unopened heavy vinyl pressing of Dark Side of the Moon, so I am feeling motivated to help. Any advice very much appreciated.
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Technics SL-1200 MK2 or MK5 would fill the bill exactly. Some, but not I, prefer it to the P3, as well. You also have an upgrade path with the enhancements offered by KAB acoustics.
Agree w/ the above recommendation - I am one who prefers the Technics to the P3.

Good sound
Less expensive than the P3
Easy setup/re-setup (experimentation w/ VTA, VTF)
Easy use (start/stop, 33 or 45 w/ a quick push of a button)
Easy cartridge swapping (removeable headshell)
Upgradeable (KAB)

..what's not to like?
...forgot one...

Dead-on speed accurate.

Good luck!
Any belt drives fit this bill?
01-08-10: Soulbrass
Agree w/ the above recommendation - I am one who prefers the Technics to the
You're not the only one. With a few low-cost tweaks
to the SL12x0 to tame vibration and resonances, it approaches or equals the P3
in the midband resolution and handily beats it in timbre, frequency extension,
pace, pitch accuracy, transients, and bass slam.

Anyway, back to the OP's questions: The Technics SL12x0 series has the
smoothest way to switch speeds anywhere near that price range. The controls
are very smooth and expensive-feeling.
To actually answer your second question, Thorens makes some very good sounding belt drive tables with speed adjustment knobs that cost under 1K. The 190 is quite nice:

Happy hunting!
Hmmm, plays 45s, is easy to switch speed, and is belt drive...I'd have to say that you should check out any of the B&O turntables, they fit your specs to a T. And, because the tonearm and cartridge were designed as a "unit", most B&Os can handily out-perform any turntables anywhere near their price. And, to play a 45, you simply lay the 45 on the platter - the B&O will know automatically that you have a 45 on there. Just press Play and you're off!

Plus, it is virtually impossible to scratch a record using a B&O turntable - their effective tip mass is the lowest in the world. And, their MMC1, MMC2, and MMC3 cartridges are VERY good cartridges. The MMC1 is especially good - and very expensive.
Thanks folks, I will suggest he check these out.