best sub- 1000 Transport, new or used

I am putting together my 'final' audio system for a long while, and am looking for some recommendations on the best sounding CD-only transport for the system.

The DAC/preamp will be an EAD Signature Theatermaster, the amplification EAD PM 1000, and the speakers are Hales Design Group Concept 3. I have an EAD Theatervision P DVD player, but I suspect the CD performance is not up to the performance of a CD-only transport.

Any thoughts on a well-built CD transport that will match this system well?

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I'm not sure that the DVD transport might not be OK. EAD has been in the business a long time and has been improving on other designs for years.
Thata discovered years ago the tremendous advantage of using a laser disc player as a CD transport. (I think they still make one that now also plays DVD's.) Then EAD came along and improved on the design with the T-7000 and 8000 transports (they are identical in quality for CD's). I personally have been using the T-7000 for my transport since they 1st came on the market. I find that in my $60+K system it has been wonderful! Over the years, I have changed everything except that.
If I'm not mistaken, your EAD has 24/96 dac's???...the only way you'll really be able to take advantage of the better processing (even with standard 16/44 cd's) is to use a DVD players 24/96 digital passing capablities (note all dvd players don't pass full 24/96!..but can be modified by MSB to do so). You should probably look at some of the better Theta Transports/dvd players. They make very good transports as a general rule (or rather use good transports), and should all pass 24/96! I find the 24/96 processing, even if you do mostly 16/44 cd's, is a major improvement fundamentally, and sonically, and should be accessed if you've got em!...
If your DAC has a Delta Sigma chip, the best buy is at Best Buy. It is an Aiwa CD Changer for $89. Fine out of the box, but search for threads on Stan Warren. He can modify the Aiwa for $150 and make it a killer transport.
I used to have an EAD Signature + EAD T-7000 combo for music listening. This is the best transport+DAC combo I ever had. After selling T-7000, I've tried Krell CD Player, Audio Research CDT-1 transport but they didn't sound as good as T-7000 did. I didn't mean that krell and ARC products are not good, but I mean they didn't match well with my EAD Signature. That's the point.

I believe EAD-TVP would be a good match to your Signature. For example, TVP Coaxial digital out is set to be 75 Ohms which exactly match with Digital In of Signature. And I believe there are many other system matching that I didn't know between EAD products.

In case you really want to get CD transport, be sure to compare with EAD TVP before selling it as I'm still kicking myself for selling T-7000 until now.

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For CD only, under 1k, suggest either a used Parasound CBT 2000 or the Aiwa CD changer mentioned above (get it modified by Stan Warren). I tried a bunch of transports before settling on the Parasound.
I subsequently bought the Aiwa for fun, had it modified, and it is awfully close in performance to the much more expensive Parasound. The Aiwa will only work with a toslink input.
Thanks for the comments, folks.

Based on your suggestions, I am going to make a very careful listen to the TVP-Sig combo before I decide to make a CD transport purchase. Then, if I am unhappy with it's CD playback, I'll start by listening to the Aiwa!

I neglected to mention that I have an EAD T-1000 from about 5-4 years ago, and I have been very satisified with that transport. So, I can do an A->B comparison of the two. If the TVP is not up to the performance of the T-1000, then I'll start looking around for a better one.

I have done a preliminary comparison of the two, and the TVP has a more foreward sound, and is a little brighter in tonal balance. However, the cables for it are brand new, and may require some time for burn-in. (The manufacturer recommends 100+ hours) I'm quite used to the tonal presentation of the T-1000, but I don't think the TVP is 'bad', just a little different.

The TVP also appears to have a little more edge in the sound, maybe digititis, or maybe a more immediate presence, I'll have to listen to more source material to make that decision. (This could also be a product of the cable) The TVP also seems to have a bit more 'ambiance' to the sound; the more foreward presentation brings the sound around the listener a bit more, which may be considered more 'involving'.

So, initally, the jury is out on the TVP as a CD transport for me, but I won't make any real decisions on it until I have my Theatermaster Signature (next week hopefully), and have given the cables some break in.

Thanks again, and if you have any other thoughts, I'd appreciate them.