best sub?

Looking at rel sub30 versus atc c4/6 and rel stadium for multichannel audio and HT applications?Have a VSEI modded sony scd1 and ML380s preamp with atc 150asl pro.Looking at atc asl 10/20 for multi channel applications.
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Nreddy, look into the Velodyne Digital Drive Series Subwoofers. This is the one I plan to get when I have my listening room all squared away.
I went through this with my dealer when I was looking, and in ascending order - REL Stadium, Martin Logan Descent, Revel B15 and Aerial SW12.
I settled on the Revel (I have a ML system) because the EQ works great in my room, and the Aerial SW12 is more than a little pricy. If I had a couple of thousand extra sitting around, I think I would have gone with the Aerial, although for a little more two B15's would be darned impressive.
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If you've go tthe $$$, check out the Kharma CeSb. I heard it at CES, it osunded fabulous. Check out post above regartding setup. It is active, with a number of adjustments, and only (for a Kharma) costs $8000. I do wonder what it has to do with cesium and tin, though.
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Thanx guys -for both the gastronomic and audio input.
Velodyne Digital Drive Series Subwoofers.