Best String Cheese Incident CD to start with.....

Some thoughts from people who like this band to recommend a couple of discs to start with......I get the feeling that live disc's would be their best !!!
If I could remember I'd remember where I left the Bong!Kidding .Saw them once at festival with kids half my age dressing like we did at my prep school as Last Of The Mohicans while chanting "Disco and Polyester Suck".Check out otherwise known as and they are pretty good with all form of music where each has different editorial staff.Bu me I just never got the Sering Cheese,Gov.t Mule,or even Phish thing.To stuck on my original Hot Tuna,Quicksilver,Airplane, and of course Jerry's Kids.Wish they toured as The Dead as they did since Bobby alone is sad and Phil comes up with good combos.But together they do the right thing.Thought that 2 CD "The Other Ones" would have been great platform to keep going even if very keyboard players dies somehow and that unit ego's stupidly got in he way.But maybe at 42 I am an old fart.Remember seeing "Phish Choice Of New Generation" when Pepsi was running that ad as their hook and felt like a really old person in his early 30's.

Hope you get something here but AMG is a great reliable site.I used it and he Book Miller Freeman Press put out "The All Music Guide To Jazz" to run jazz dept. of equipment shop that sold CD's and was given great compliments.Other guy's used Penguin for Classical,Rough Guide for World and our boss and manager who was 70's DG for for pop.But ultimately Billboard and our rep from where ordered filled the Pop section.
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Tough to find:
Live at Charlottesville, I think 1999, as recorded by Trax. A great show and an even better recording direct off the soundboard.

Easy to find:
Round the Wheel, 1998 excellent
My favorites are "Breathe" Keller Williams with the String Cheese Incident and "Outside Inside".
Why limit yourself to just one - go the the Live Music Archive and you can download any of their 900+ live shows - FREE and LEGAL.

Here's a linky to get you started:

Great idea Rlwainwright! I just downloaded the 11.17.2000 show at The Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA. My first time really listening to this band. They are amazing. A little bit more mellow than your average jam band. This show has great sound quality too. A matrix of 65% soundboard & 35% audience. Thanks.
is there a way to download an entire album (instead of file by file)?

awesome site!!!

Thank you
"is there a way to download an entire album (instead of file by file)?"

They *used* to have Zips with the whole show - that was *nice*. Last year, they dropped those except for Zips containing lossy files (MP3).

BTW, if you like String Cheese, you should also check out New Monsoon, Tea Leaf Green, Steve Kimock Band, Widespread Panic, and Calexico.

By all means, get on over there and download this Calexico show:

The sound is terrific and the music is sublime!