Best streamers WITHOUT a DAC

A year or so I jumped into the streaming world with the Bluesound ecosystem.  Overall I'm very happy with it.  Still, I think I can do better than the Node 2i on my "reference" system, basically a vintage high end setup (Sonic Frontiers SFD-2 Mk III, Krell KBL,  ML no. 332, factory rebuilt Maggie MG 3a's).  I've compared the 2i's internal DAC with the SFD-2s and it isn't even close.  Not surprising, as the SFD-2 Mk III is certainly one of the best DACs ever made despite its age.  So, can anybody suggest a suitable DACless streamer?  Comments appreciated, thanks.


Aurender N-100C has a S/PIDF connection,  I use the USB version and enjoy it. Good luck with search. 

@verdantaudio wouldn't the OP just need the Bricasti M5 for what he is asking about? Why the Antipodes S40? Just curious.

@rsf507 i will use Roon as an example because it is so common.  The Bricasti M5 is a Roon Endpoint but does not run Roon Server.  You can run room server on a ton of devices but a PC or Mac Mini can perform poorly and mitigate the benefit you are getting from the Bricasti.  Mac Mini’s in particular are awful IMO and any dedicated server; small green, Roon Nucleus, etc… will outperform it.  

the OP mentions they are looking for flexibility and reference quality which is why I suggested Anyipodes.  For Roon in particular, an M5 and a Roon Nucleus.  

to run Roon with Lumin you would need a separate server as well but since it has its own streaming software option, you can avoid the separate server.  Not my preference but it is an option as I personally see a lot of value in a service based on my experience. 

I use EMM Labs NS1 and Toslink output with DH Labs glass master cable but it also has AES/EBU and EMM specific ST fibre. Roon endpoint and UPNP/DLNA control with mcontrolHD app.