best streamer for Amazon Music HD


Newbie here, forgive me if I butcher the lingo.  I'd like to get some opinions on the best streamer compatible with Amazon Music HD.  This is the only streaming service I use.  Ideally I'd like to have a streamer that let's me remotely control Amazon Music from my phone with streamer connected to internet via ethernet. 

Looked at Amazon site and based on their recommendations it was mostly streamers that used DTS Play-Fi, Denon/Marantz HEOS, and beyond that not sure if any other options or how they would work.  Was initially leaning toward the Audiolab 6000N based on reviews and price, but the reviews for DTS Play-Fi were not great.  For one it said it wasn't streaming directly from the internet but rather transferring music from my phone to the streamer, and when I went to the Google app store the reviews are horrible. 

So now thinking either a Denon/Marantz HEOS or Bluesound streamer, but don't quite understand how they would work or how is usability, so any experiences to share would be helpful.  One question I have is with Bluesound would I be controlling streamer with the Amazon Music app or Bluesound app?  

Any feedback from your experiences with these streamers or any recommended Amazon music HD streamers would be greatly appreciated.  Amazon is the only streaming service I use, never tried any other hi-res services and am pretty happy with Amazon so don't care about other streaming services or Roon, hopefully that makes it simpler. 

Recently upgraded from my longtime vintage system Pioneer SX-980 & JBL 4311B to Focal 1038 & Raven Audio Nighthawk. Currently streaming Amazon from my phone directly to my DAC (Topping D50s)  using bluetooth AptX HD.  Only other music source is occasional vinyl which I'm looking to upgrade and will ask for help in another post.

The other option would be to wait it out since Amazon Music is pretty new and see what better streamers come out.  My only real complaints with my current bluetooth method are that HD music sometimes cuts out due to slow connection when playing HD or UHD, I can't play music and take videos of the kids at the same time, and the desire to improve sound quality.

Thanks in advance.

Amazon is a listed music service in the BluOS app.  Once signed into your Amazon account via the BluOS app, you will be able to choose that service each time without signing in again (as long as your subscription is valid of course).

Control would be through the BluOS app via phone or tablet.

For the record, I don’t subscribe to Amazon.  Tidal subscriber.
I see, thanks for clarifying. 
I have subscribed to Amazon Music HD and I am really enjoying listening to Amazon FLAC files Playing via my HEOS app on my Marantz AV 7703. The Fidelity is incredible. Mind you, I have a Bluesound Node2i playing TIDAL files through my HT By-Pass Marantz PM14S1 that sounds really great; but, this Amazon HD might be the ticket. Furthermore, listening via HEOS I can monitor the album art via any HDMI output on my Marantz AV7703. So nice to finally not have to open my hibernating phone to see what artist is playing. 
Cool, some questions for you:

-How is the usability of Amazon Music HD on the HEOS app?  Do you have all the same functionality as the native amazon music app?  Any major drawbacks?  

-Overall how do you like the HEOS app?  How is the user interface?  Does it operate smoothly?  Think I recall reviews about people having trouble logging in, connectivity issues with internet, issues crashing/freezing up...

-Have you tried using Amazon Music through your Bluesound node 2i Bluos app?  Any pros/cons of the BluOS app vs HEOS app?  
First, I must state that my AV7703 is hardwired with Cat 6 LAN cable routed from downstairs to upstairs Media Room through my garage and attic. That is a run of at least 250 ft. There is zero latency at this length of run.  As for the HEOS app functionality, I am satisfied with the options. I am outputting the video to a Samsung 1080p computer monitor using HDMI via DVD i.  The album cover art is in color and is brilliant with the artists name and song name. The options available are Loop, Play last track, Pause and Play next track. There is a button selection for Queue. It displays the time played and shows time left to play. Furthermore, and the app does NOT have this feature, the track display shows the codec and the sampling freq and the bit-rate, i.e. FLAC / 44.1kHz / 24 bit. 
I am still comparing the two platforms, HEOS vs BLUOS on a Node2i; but, right now, I like the HEOS enough to not be distracted. 
BTW, in case it was not obvious, I am controlling all of the HEOS functionality with my Marantz remote control, not a glitchy iPhone. However, when I pull up HEOS on my phone it is mimicking what my Marantz is doing. Advantages of this is I can be downstairs and still have control over my HEOS. Just realized also that I can pull up the Amazon app on my phone and select my AV7703 as my endpoint and use the functionality of the Amazon app to control it all.