Best streamer for a returning audio guy

Hello, hope you all can help. My question is what is the most reasonable streamer to try in my system to see if it works for me? 
  A little background is in order . I’m an older gentleman, who was into audio years ago. I’m currently rebuilding my system with newer technology. I have significant older components. Such as Adcom separates, ( not currently using), Yamaha reciever rxa 2000 as a preamp, Rotel amp driving center speaker and rears, crown class d driving main speakers, I have many speaker choices. Currently using Kef 105/2 as mains ( have Martin Logan’s as well) , Martin logan cinema as center, Martin Logan’s a rear surround. All interconnects and speaker wires are morrow audio. 
 I am / was old school with over 1500 vinyl album’s from years of collecting. About 100 cds. One interesting note, this rebirth of my interest in audio came with my wife giving me a turntable for Christmas several years ago. Finally joked it up and after 30 years I was hooked again!!!

  On to my question, it appears that almost everyone is now streaming their music. Ok, I understand the concept ( have Sirius in the car) . What is the best unit to try this out. Can’t break the bank, used is ok, actually preferred. Any outlet advice would be appreciated. 
  I’m working to eventually get to the level of most of you. I have visited my local real hi fi store and have heard the”great” components and eventually I’ll get there. Thanks, and looking forward to your replies. Twodogs112.


Cambridge Audio Cxnv2.  The app works great, the sound is fantastic.  Best bang for the buck.  Balanced or rca out. 

I started the same path a year ago. I was certain I was heading for a Bluesound Node,etc. I ended up with an Auralic Altair G1 and have never regretted it. You can download to its hard drive, it sounds great, and I’m streaming Tidal with ease and constant enjoyment.

I, too, went down that path.  Bluesound Node2i is a fine streamer; great user interface app.  I bypassed its dac in favor of the dac in a Cambridge CXA81.  This was a major improvement in SQ.  So, I would recommend the Bluesound as long as you expect to upgrade the dac later.  An excellent alternative is the Cambridge CNXV2, as noted above.  I have a Node2i I'm not using.  PM me 8f you are interested.

I see many mentions of the BlueSound Node 2i and also mentions that you are using it with an external DAC. I understand that the newest (current) BlueSound Node has improved sound quality from it's internal DAC vs. the previous Node 2i. Can anyone that has compared the previous Node 2i with the new/current Node comment regarding any sound quality improvements they heard with the latest Node? Just curious. I have a DAC in my Rega Saturn-R CD player/DAC/transport that I could use with a new Node, if needed. But I would also be curious to know if the newest Node, using it's internal DAC, would be adequate free-standing for my needs in a second system.

To ghdprenice, your comments are way out of line. Just because my equipment is older and not a 100,000 system. You lol down on me. I should tell you that I was a sound engineer during my college days. I also worked the board for many well known artists visiting concert venues in my area. Just a few to mention a few, chuck mangione, Maynard furgison, and many others. I also worked the board for the Jacksonville symphony orchestra for several concerts. I am also a trained singer, although that was not my final profession. I am a retired master jeweler with over 40+ years of service to my clients. I have a better ear than most professionals I know. 
  My equipment is what I like, not what someone tells me what I should have based on their own opinion. I had Adcom separates before most people knew what they were. I purchased electrostatic speakers before most knew what they were( acoustat, still have them. Purchased Martin Logan before anyone knew who they were. My Kef 105/2 are perfect in sound and looks, even though they are 40+ years old. Despite the not up to date electronics , I’ll put my system up agains any ones. 
  After a long absence from this hobby, I was seeking advise from those who are more up to date. Not be looked down upon. I can afford whatever I wish to buy, if I so choose. A simple question for you, how many Rolex watches do you own? I have 3. In addition to a collection of fine timepieces you probably could only dream of. 
   Sorry for the rant, I just don’t Belitung being judged by someone who does not know me. Don’t like lp’s , come listen to king James on direct to disc on my system, you might be surprised. 
  Thanks to all who gave objective advice, it’s greatly appreciated. Twodogs112.