Best Stereo or Mono Amps under $1000

Looking for more power to my front speakers. Really want CLEAN power. Whats the best in this range?
you might want to post what you have running now so people get an idea of your system...i.e. speakers & how much power you are currently running to may hear replies that are in favor of odyssey audios amps or maybe a used Bryston 3bst

McCormack Power DNA-1 or
McCormack Power DNA-1 Deluxe

In my opinion they sound more musical than Brystons.
A good used Aragon 8008st. I had one for several years and was very impressed with the power and authority the amp possesed. This is a tough question to answer though. Ten people will have ten different opinions!!!
There all pretty clean if you spray um down with the hose first. Make sure you wash the power cord.
What does "Clean power mean?" What does it sound like? What does it taste like? Why is it important? I hear "Clean power" when I walk into a mid-fi shop when a 17yr old salesman tells me about his wonderful Yamaha and Denon recievers, which make my ears bleed after inducing vertigo....but less then .00000001% distortion the salesman cries as I try to shove my keys into my ears.....If that is what "Clean" sounds like, I'll take my power dirty, please.

Seriously, my advice, get thee to every hi-fi shop in a 2hr driving radius and go listen. You're probalby new to the hobby, the only way for you to find out what type of sound that your ears prefer is from your own adventures, not vicarously through someone else.
Based upon my experience :

Forte 4a, 50W, stereo, deep class A bias, $450(get two of them)

Citation 7.1, 150W x 4, low class A bias, tonally identical to the Forte but not quite as open or dynamic, nice package $850.

Classe DR-9, 100W, higher class A bias. VERY nice amp, $1000-1100.

McCormack DNA-.5 deluxe, low class A bias, ballsy amp, dynamic, $800.

Good luck