What are the best units to step up the voltage from my cart?

Who makes the best step up transformers ?

The Impedance of my cart is 6 ohms .

This is for an all out project guys .

Thank you
There are several interesting transformers on the Joyful Japan site on eBay. Search Transformers on the home audio section. The Denon at around $1K looks good, I have been considering it myself. Bob at BobsDevices will make you anything you want, his look good. His standard ones start at about $400. He has some made with classic transformers for about $2500. I am also looking at the Pro-Ject Tube Box 11 SE, which recently outperformed some much more expensive units, but it probably follows below your target area. For all out best the Audio Note probably leads, it is quite expensive. Sorry, no user info. I am looking for one myself and thought I would share what I have seen so far.
The dyna XV-1 IMO prefer's active gain without SUT to sounbd its best.

It does howver sound very good with the cheap denon AU-300Lc that you generally buy with the denon 103.
Also the EAR 834P sounds good as well
David Slagle of Intact Audio will custom wind you one for a reasonable price. $450? Custom wound just for you. Comes highly recommended by audio budies who own and have heard them compared to the best out there either classic WE stuff or AN or Kondo.
Also FYI I use custom SUT in my Tron Syren made for Tron. They are available as a seperate item now in their own case.
Having owned top class active gain solid state units, they do not even come close to the music making ability of my Tron Syren tube unit with built in phono! Just my opinion.
If you have the $ to blow, look out for some Kondo made Audio Note (pls don't waste your time with AN UK regardless of price). My XV1s works nicely with an Expressive Technologies SU-1 and also an Audio Note AN-s9s.

Others you might want to consider are the Bent silvers and the Allnic
EAR has a new step up unit that given their track record may be a winner. With the pound being down, it may be a great value.
thank you all for your help the more choices the better

keep the ideas coming

1twekr, what d you have as for analog setup? Pls let us know so better ideas can come up..
Art Audio Ref phono but need a pair of good SUT

Shroeder Ref arm 12 Inch version

CLEARAUDIO Master Ref Table

Anyone know if the SOWTER OR VANDERVEEN SUT are ANY GOOD ??

Why do you need an SUT? The Art has built in Lundhals and has enough gain for the XV1s. Unless you don't want to use them then you gotta spend big bucks for something like a Kondo or an SU-1. Like Pcosta said... the Tron also makes a fine SUT.
Dont like Lundahls something more musical is needed
Now I understand. Try to find a used Expressive Tech SU1 or a Audio note ANs7 or the newer Kondo designs. These are among the best out there no questions about it.