Best step up transformer for Benz Micro LP S

I'm owner of a Benz Micro LPS and looking for the best possible SUT .
I have the Lundahl's LL9206 Transformer but i'm looking for LL1933 or LL1931 . Another option is the SAC Thailand SILK Supermalloy MC-step up which is going to be custom for my cartridge . Great option could be the step up from Ypsilon MC10 but is very expensive and never hear of that , Anybody has any experience ? In my system the cartridge sounds best at 370 Ohm load
I have not heard the SAC Thailand or Ypsilon. I am a very happy owner of an A23 Homage T2. I believe you would want a Homage T1, as I believe the Benz is low impedance.
I have a Benz LP which has the same electrical specs as the LP-S. It is not a low-impedance MC, and it seems to work best with loading equivalent to 500 to 1000 ohms. I use Jensen 44DX stepups which have a 1:10 ratio. When connected to a standard 47K MM input, this gives a 470 ohm load which sounds just right. The Jensens are rather inexpensive but I have preferred them to several much more expensive SUTs.
A EAR MC4 is a very good option here. It as the correct higher impedance tap also...

Disclosure, I am selling one here on A-Gon, but have a offer, so it might be gone very soon...

Some excellent reviews on this Ultraaudio EAR MC4
Salectric- Thanks for clarification on the Benz. I know of someone using it direct in to a Shindo pre, and thus assumed it was low impedance. That's good news for me, as my T2 may actually be a nice match. I have heard great things about the Ruby TR as well. Bob's devices has a new one out, I BELIEVE the model is Sky30. It is priced similar to the 1131 blue, around $1200. Obviously as with anything else in this hobby, you can spend alot more. Cheers -Don
I use a Bob's SKY 30 with my Kansui. It utilizes Cinemag Blue transformers and is switchable from 1:15 to 1:30. Excellent sound.
I have tested  Lundahll LL1933 whitch is 8X and 16X  . The cartridge actually play good in 10X , and i borrow from a friend the Ypsilon MC10 step up . The ypsilon is the best by far i ever had  listen but is expensive to me !
I'm running my LPS at 1000 ohms on my BAT VK-P10SE with the Lundahl
LL9226 chips.  Sound great to me!
I have a parks audio budgie which is identical to the bobs devices cinemag blue. It costs 400$ one third of the bobs devices. Great bang for the buck. Check their website.