Best Star Wars DVD for Kids Young and Old

I have just read mixed reviews on the remastering of the original Star Wars DVDs on Amazon.

In an ideal world, I would prefer the original movie from 1977, as a way to rediscover these movies with my not quite 4 year old son.

Although fuzzy in my memory, I assume that one was a bit more innocent and less violent than the newer releases?

Any suggestions from Star Wars enthusiasts greatly appreciated.
even 'doctored' when it didn't need to be...start with Star Wars
Thanks Jaybo

In the end, I bought the "remastered" Trilogy, not realizing that "Star Wars" was also known as IV or New Hope or whatever.

Watching the first half hour yesterday, neither my son nor I found it as entertaining as I hoped.

But on a normal TV and listening in stereo, not 5.1 thought the transfer seemed fine.