Best standalone music server?

So I am considering dipping my toes into the full digital world and was wondering what people here may consider as the best standalone music server, and here I am going to be specific.
I do not want to consider a home pc or mac based type of system at all!
Looking at adding one of the standalone models like for example the Wyred4sound ms1 or cocktail audio.
High on my list is ability to rip my cds directly at the unit itself, access to internet radio and other music apps (Pandora etc). High quality built in dac would be nice but if not then high quality digital out to run to an external dac. I will not be needing to access music files stored on another pc as my home pc is pretty old but fully functional for my simple needs. The only music looking to access from it right now are ripped cds and internet available music in whatever form.
So if it worked out well, yes it may be a replacement even for a cd player completely

Thank you
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If you alreay have a good DAC with optical input, why not try a Chromecast Audio (and its digital ouput)? There are apps for Spotify, Qobuz, TuneIn and many other services. You can also access your computer’s drive/NAS with BubbleUPnP. It will do files up to 24/96. See here for measurements:
Heres a new guy question:  Can my sonos play Hi Res (above CD bit rate) if it goes into an upsampling dac?  Seems that it would be limited by the sonos, but what if it has modifications that allow 24/96, or DSD, or MQA?

Chromecast looks interesting and cost effective- which app does 24/96?

Uberrwaltz- Bluesound may be my solution to streaming.  I will probably wait until Axpona to see what the rooms are using, but I want to have a few products to keep an eye out for.  Blue sound will definitely be one.  I want simplicity, much like you, and of course I want high fidelity as this is for my main rig.
All these apps can do 24/96. The question is if the streaming service does this. The answer is basically no. Highest quality level right now is 16/44 for Tidal or Qobuz. That is true for the Chromecast Audio, but also for all other streamers.
Streaming from a NAS is a different story, of course.
One of the reasons I am still happy with the Vault is Tidal
$20 a month for their hifi service gives MQA at up to 192 speed, yes the whole MQA arguement is raging hard elsewhere but I know what I hear in my system and that is better sq that redbook!
I prefer the digital out from the Vault compared to its analog outs which sound a little soft and flabby imho.

For about $1000 the Vault is hard to beat and its simplicity is half of its appeal to me, I am sure there are better solutions out there but for me it was/is near perfect.

Does not hurt that I can listen to any cd form my collection without getting my backside out of my chair
If you want a great digital transport that has similar features that their 35k server, streamer has, plus can run Roon and playback up to 8X DSD or 768 khz PCM check this out: List is $4995, but I'm sure they can work with you.  It's sick good with all the software upgrades they keep on doing, so you will have a player that can be upgraded as you keep owning it, which is invaluable for digital as we all know. The thing I like best is that they can remotely set it up and download the software for you when upgrades come out.  No need to have to know computers to set it up, keep it running etc...  That was key to me.

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