Best Stand for Totem Model Ones

Hello, I just picked up a pair of Totem Model One's in great condition. This is my first foray with Monitors, before it was always floorstanders. What should you look for in a good stand? What brands and models work best? I will have them on hardwood floors.

I have a pair of Totem Mani-2s and use May Audio stands. They work very well.
The absolute best stands available for the model 1 are the discontinued Target R4 24 inch stands. These stands are generally available on the used market but at a premium.
Thank you Tumbler and Brf.

I will look out for your suggestions.

Are there any challenges with stands on hardwood floors?

I use Osiris stands with my Totem Tabu's. Work great! One peice, welded design, sand/shot fillable, but they have quite a bit of mass on their own as well. With any stand on a wood floor, you should put metal receptor discs between the spikes and your floor, to protect your floor.
Lovan Ballet at Go for the square tube model.
I have the dedicated Totem stands for my model 1's and they are ok. But if I were to do it again I would look into the Sound Anchor stands for about the same money. I think they may be more "dead" than the totems which to me don't seem to be as inert as they should be even though they are filled w/sand and lead shot.

As to the hardwood floor issue, I'm using Black Diamond Racing cones screwed into the base of my Atlantis stands. I find these graphite cones a very satisfactory alternative to spikes and protector discs, which have a habit of separating to the peril of your hardwood, and your feet.
Lots of things to think about there. I'm looking at the Sonus ES 60 stands tomorrow. Anyone have thoughts on them?

I ended up with the Sonus ES 60. Thanks to everyone for their advice.

Mcrosier; Perhaps you'd tell us a bit about why you chose them, how you like them once you've had some time with them, and what you decided on for contact points with your hardwood floor...
Hello Panderso

I tried a few brands at different stores. I had trouble finding people's suggestions in the stores that were near me. But the suggestions gave me a sense that I needed a good quality stand that can be filled to make it more stable. Sonus fit the bill, well made, not terrible to look at and it was selling for a good price from a dealer that I like. I would have preferred the Sonus R series but they were selling for more than I wanted to pay. So I went with the next step down and the dealer threw in Spike Shoes. I'm trying them now, and I may upgrade in time. I have a friend who uses the Racing Cones you suggested. I may borrow them and see what they are like.

thanks again