Best Stand for Harbeth 7ES-3 Compact

I got a pair of 7ES-3 and would like to obtain a pair of solid speaker stands for them.

Which stands work better - metal or wood? I read Skylan and Target offer some models. What about Lipinski Sound stands (though I couldn't find any info. about the stands on Lipinski Sound' website)?

In addition, what's the optimal height for the stands? 18 inch or 20 inch?

Second both of the above; I have Target, Sound Anchors and Skylan stands for various speakers; Noel is a pleasure to work with. Atacama is also good but I am not sure about their current availability.
Yep, ol Skylans highly recommended.
Also the new Wayne Taylors-- open metal tripod style.
Nay to Sound Anchors-- don't be cruel to the C-7's.
I have the Foundation stands, and while I have nothing else to compare them to, they're working fine for me. Google Harbeth Foundation Stands.

I own the Skylan stands for my C7ES-3's. I believe they're 20 inches. I researched stands for quite awhile on the HUG. They're great stands and look very nice. Noel from Skylan suggests filling them with kitty litter, which I did, and the speakers sound amazing on them. They're made in Alberta Canada. Just tell him what speakers you have so you're sure to get the right stands. He's good buddies with Alan Shaw of Harbeth and is no stranger to Harbeth speakers.
Hi, thanks for the feedbacks.

What's the Skylan stand made of? Metal or wood or some other materials?

Do I order directly from Skylan and pay the retail price? $500 is a hefty price for a pair of stands.