Best ? STAND ALONE CDP for under $1000. CDN

Hi All, Thx in advance for your time & replies :)

If you read my post a bit earlier/previous to this you will read about my need for a replacement soon.

I am looking in the Under - $1000. CDN price range. for a new CDP, any helpful experience & advice to suite my needs would be greatly appreciated :)

My system consists of McIntosh MA6900 IA, ProAc Tablette 50 speakers [ will be replace maybe in near future also]on good heavy weighted stands all well isolated, Audience AU Power Cords thru system, AU IC's also thru system, Mc MR85 tuner, Velodyne SUB, Speaker Cables hand made, being replaced in near future.

Close to 1500 + CD's , a few HDCD's, a few SACD's ( meaning a couple dozen or so), music taste range is a Large selection & Growing of JAZZ, BLUES, R&B/Soul, Classical and alot of Classic Rock[&Roll] vaious forms [incuding wifes tastes & selection] quite a varied source !

Thx again for your time & any helpful replyies :)

The old Classe players (cdp .5, .1), Some of the Sonic Frontier players. Made in Canada with good service and support.