best ss preamp w/ remote used under 1000

using B&w asw 1000 for sub 804n for fronts adcom gcd-700 for cd aragon 8008bb for amp basicaly trying to update have thought about gtp 750 but the reviews havent been what i thought they would be mainly for music
Look into the Morrisin Audio ELAD.I dont know if has remote.If anyone can add pls do.
Ginntonic: The Sony tae-9000es, it also has the coolest lcd remote you could ever want. I bought one for the same reason you are under $1000. I have seen them on audiogon for $800-$1000. There is also one heck-of-a update with a cd and another remote direct from Sony for $160. So if you could buy one on audiogon for $840. plus the $160. update, you would be at your $1K limit and I don't think you will find a better catch. Good Luck, and remember to have fun.
Good call on the Sony ta-e9000es. I owned one for two years then dumped it here for $800.00 with the 2.1 upgraded software about a month ago. I still miss the touch screen remote. Can't think of a nicer pre in that price range.
If probably won't go much under $1000, it might go slightly over $1000, however you can get the Conrad Johnson PFR. Stereophile Class A.
Could go BAT Vk3i if you pumped up the end price.Why not a used Adcom GFP 750 as opposed to a surround one?Rave reviews from Fi and Stereophile.CJPV12 if we get back to the tube thing.Will improve the mids of that nice amp you have.But your B&W's are voiced sweet so you may not want it but I would even if the bass softens up a bit.
a used Audio Pesearch LS3R or a Audible Illusions Modulas 3
I suggest the Marsh solid state preamp. I compared the Marsh to the Adcom preamp that is so highly rated and the Marsh sounded much better. It gave the proper color to the music and was more involving. It was more detailed. The Adcom was very good looking and good but not quite as good as the Marsh.
You should consider a Bryston BP-25, which can be found for right around $1K. Very solidly built, with 20 yr warranty. Beautiful, realistic sound, with no SS edge. Totally realistic presentation. Nice features and simple but solid remote.
linn kairn - w/the latest "slimline" brilliant power-supply. not up to the soundstage depth of toobs, but competitive w/the best out there in all other aspects - soundstage height/width, acuracy, transparancy, dynamics. based upon my experience w/an older non-remote electrocompaniet ec-1a, i'd also try one of their later remote-controlled wersions...

doug s.

ps - re: the elad, there's an interesting thread about this product elsewhere. all i know is it's a minimalist design w/only two inputs, no tape monitoring function, & no remote...

I'll second the recommendation for the Bryston BP-25. If you shop, you can find one with the built like a tank remote in your price range. Very neutral with excellent soundstaging and a nice sense air, especially for SS. Also comes with an awesome warranty, backed by very good customer service.
I suggest the Placette preamp Volume control ($1k) if you are running a single source. (
I agree on the Placette's, they are excellant if you don't need gain.
To Jbgrooven: Did you mean -If you don't need *much* gain? I'm obviouslly not familar with the Placette.